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    • 2015 AFP/gtnews Treasury Management System Survey

      of this on top of the cash and liquidity management Treasury departments have historically been responsible for. Simply put, Treasurers must fulfill a more strategic role for their businesses. Given this background, Bloomberg is pleased to partner with AFP to produce the 2015 AFP/gtnews Treasury Management System Survey.

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    • 2016 AFP Treasury Management System Survey

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      Increasingly, Treasury departments are being asked to do more with less in today’s evolving and fast-paced business environment. They must perform risk management and hedging, manage complex derivative accounting and satisfy increasingly onerous regulatory reporting regimes – all of this on top of the cash and liquidity management

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    • Frequently Asked Questions

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      The OLB rollout is a top priority for Fiscal Service and is a mandatory requirement of all ... workstations, then OTCnet will not function properly and may result in settlement delays with your business operations. Please work with your Agency POC, Agency IT Team, and your OTCnet Deployment Specialist ensure that your rollout is completed on time.

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    • Managing a Corporate Treasury Department

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      Treasury Workstations 35 14 Other 3rdrd party systems (ERP)party systems (ERP) 87 71 Bank systems 70 61 Sales < 500MM Sales > ... Top 5 of 25 Issues ... • Treasury projects may not be high priority for everyone, e.g. IT, legal, unit controllers. ...

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    • Managing a Corporate Treasury Department

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      The survey says….(5) 4 Manage working capital (= less borrowing) 2.46 2 Seek role in strategic plan 2.63 5 Plan to optimize capital structure 2.60 3 Improve access to liquidity (overall) 2.49 1 Improve cash forecasting capability 2.20 2016 rank 2017 Rating (1 = most Important) Most Important Top 5 of 25 Issues

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    • No Workstation, No Problem Options for Streamlining ...

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      No Workstation, No Problem Options for Streamlining Treasury Management Processes without Treasury Workstations Colin Kerr, Director, Senior eChannel Manager - Digital Channels, Bank of America Merrill Lynch John Daly, The Cumberland Gulf Group of Companies

    • Reboot Your Treasury Workstation - AFP Online

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      REBOOT YOUR TREASURY WORKSTATION The Ohio State University Carole Fallon Senior Treasury Associate Functional Responsibilities Include: –Investment Team $2B Short and Intermediate Fixed Income –Cash Management –PCI Compliance and Merchant Processing –Treasury and Banking Systems –Treasury Workstations – 15+ years

    • Top 10 Treasury Management Solution Providers 2016 W

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      Outlook presents Top 10 TMS providers. The listing gives insights into how these solutions efficiently manage a firm’s liquidity and financial activities within an acceptable level of risk, consolidating the company’s funds optimally and profitably. We present to you Banking CIO Outlook’s Top 10 Treasury Management Solution Providers 2016.

    • Top 10 Trends in Wholesale Banking & Payments, 2018: The ...

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      and real-time payment processing making up a large percentage of top bank technology initiatives in 2018, being responsive and adaptive is critical to a solid market entry. When

    • Treasury KPIs - Critical metrics for a Successful ...

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      Treasury KPIs - Critical metrics for a Successful Transformation Danny Doran, Director; Client Engagement Executive ... •Treasury needs to focus on components used to calculate metrics and then ... including core treasury, order -to -cash, procure -to -pay, systems (treasury workstations, ERPs) and …