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    • 50 Action Words for Your Resume | Pongo Blog

      50 Action Words for Your Resume You might think you have an awesome resume, but I bet it's missing some very important pieces—like powerful action words. A resume that's chock-full of phrases like responsible for , participated in , or contributed to isn't the worst thing on earth, but it doesn't say what you actually did in your job.

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    • [PDF File]Top 100 Power Verbs

      Readers will soon tap into the energy and drive of this author. His words cap-ture the confident tone he holds in The Top 100 Power Verbs: “It is a book that can help you choose the most powerful verbs—the spark of sentences—power-ful verbs that will resonate deeply with people.” My son is a cardiologist.

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    • [PDF File]How to Write a Powerful Physician Resume

      Top 15 Guidelines for Formatting Your Resume You will find different opinions on how to best format your resume, the maximum number of pages for your resume, whether to list your experience in a chronological (going back in time) versus a functional (types of experience) order. There are many “rules” and many times to break the rules.

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    • [PDF File]List of Action Verbs for Resumes & Professional Profiles

      List of Action Verbs for Resumes & Professional Profiles 2 of 2 taught tested trained transmitted tutored Financial/ Data Skills administered adjusted allocated analyzed appraised assessed audited balanced calculated computed conserved corrected determined developed estimated forecasted managed marketed measured planned programmed projected ...

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      POWER PHRASES TO BUILD YOUR RESUME ACCURACY Recognize the importance of accuracy Perform with a high degree of accuracy Perform with consistent accuracy Achieve results with accuracy and precision Maintain high statistical accuracy Expect perfection ...

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    • [PDF File]Power Verbs For Your Resume - Career Services

      Power Verbs For Your Resume Planning Example: Developed & implemented a training program that resulted in a 45% increase in employee satisfaction Administered Developed Formulated Prepared Revised Anticipated Devised Identified Prioritized Strategize Commissioned Evaluated Observed Researched Studied

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    • [PDF File]Power Words for Writing a Functional Resume ­ Worksheet

      Power Words for Writing a Functional Resume ­ Worksheet Reference Tutorial: How to Write a Functional or Skills­Based Resume (With Examples + Templates) . By: Charley Mendoza. Power Words Combine these power words with your skills and achievements to make your resume stand out.

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    • [PDF File]Welcome to Powerful Resume/CV Writing

      •Heading on top, same as on resume •Have someone proofread; know which letter you sent Check for spelling, grammar and punctuation – mistakes could cost you the job. Be sure to not use words over and over (i.e. Creative, knowledgeable, too many "I"s). •Print on resume paper 24 lb.

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    • [PDF File]Engineering Resume Buzz Words - Calvin College

      Engineering Resume Buzz Words Integrated Solutions and Services Integrated Systems Inter-Disciplinary Requirements Internal Controls Justification Studies Land Surveying Services Line Balancing Load Monitors Logical Performance Characteristics Logistics Machinery Machinery Maintenance Maintenance Documentation Management Process Manufacturing

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