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      ready-to-drink green tea beverages in Japan. We are thrilled that the American public so enjoys both our loose leaf and ready-to-drink teas.” Earlier this year, ITO EN received the “Best Flavor” award for Green Jasmine TEAS’ TEA as well as Best Packaging and Best Commercially Brewed Tea at the World Tea Expo in Las Vegas.


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      HIGH TEA IN THE LOUNGE This revered British tradition is taken to new heights in our three course sweet and savoury extravaganza. Each course is paired with one of our specialist loose-leaf TWG teas that tease the imagination, such as the Pink Flamingo green tea that smells of Turkish delight… CAMISSA BRASSERIE


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      CAFFEINE CONTENT This information is applicable in Canada only. * Please note that caffeine content for bagged teas may vary with steeping time. This information is accurate to the best of our knowledge, no warranty is expressed or implied regarding its accuracy. …

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      Beautiful Stove Top Glass Tea Kettles. May 7, 2014 Libre Loose Leaf Tea Glass Review: Loose Leaf Tea on the Go! Purple Tea. Stovetop kettles are the perfect kitchen accessory for anyone who likes to make Here are some of the best stove top tea kettles available. the best electric tea kettle reviews and as a resource to learn more about the

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      Afternoon Tea at The Gardens Includes: Your choice from selection of nine loose leaf teas paired with warm traditional delicacies, savory tea sandwiches and house-made sweets from The Butchart Gardens’ kitchen. OpenTable voted Butchart Garden’s, Dining Room Restaurant, “Top 100 Restaurants in …

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      HIGH TEA R 295 per person We have a liquor license available. All alcoholic beverages to be purchased from us on the day. Please ask for a wine list should you want to order specific wines in advance.Please enquire about our tea time schedule for week days and weekends. We require a …