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    • Mobile Home Real Estate Excise Tax Affidavit - King County

      MOBILE HOME REAL ESTATE EXCISE TAX AFFIDAVIT Submit to County Treasurer of the county in which property is located. Chapter 82.45 RCW Chapter 458-61A WAC This form is your receipt when stamped

    • PDF -first Payment Waived - O Due at Signing

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      total due at signing is tax, title and plate. Pictures may not represent actual vehicle. Expires 3/31/13. NO GMS. All prices include GM loyalty **Call Dealer for Details. 2014 CADILLAC CTS PER MO $$441122** 36 MONTH LEASE 10K MILES PER YEAR $0 DUE AT SIGNING 2014 CADILLAC XTS PER MO $$444400** 36 MONTH LEASE 10K MILES PER YEAR $0 DUE AT SIGNING ...

    • PDF 10 Steps to a Flawless Loan Signing - NNA

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      10 Steps to a Flawless Loan Signing Laura Biewer ... 220. Total Paid by/for Borrower 520. Total Reduction Amount Due Seller 303. Cash From To Borrower 603. Cash To From Seller 300. Cash at Settlement from/to Borrower 600. ... Total Settlement Charges (enter on lines 103, Section J and 502 ...

    • PDF Buyer's Order amz.com

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      exceeds the Trade-in Allowance and that as a result the Total Balance Due has been increased by this $ of negative equity. Date A separate Arbitration Agreement is a part of this Contract. Dealer\Seller Date Date By signing below, you agree to the terms of this Contract. You received a copy of this Contract and had a chance to read and

    • PDF Calculation of Motor Vehicle Excise Tax on Lease Consideration.

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      Calculation of Motor Vehicle Excise Tax on Lease Consideration. Sum of all consideration under lease: Amount due at signing or delivery Total of monthly payments over lease term. Total consideration Less Nontaxable Items: 1st month payment (if included in amount at signing) Net trade-in allowance Rebates and non-cash credits

    • PDF Case 17-7c: Mesmerizing Marketers Page 2

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      • If a customer purchases all aforementioned items together, the total cost is $1.5M. Payment terms are 50 percent consideration due at contract signing, with the remaining 50 percent due over the rest of the development period (25 percent at mid-point, 25 percent at completion).

    • PDF Compliance Alert

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      incorrect calculation of tax due. This compliance alert is intended to assist motor vehicle dealers in determining which charges must be included when the alternate selling price (amount due at signing, plus the total amount of lease payments), is used on Form ST-556-LSE. This compliance alert is also intended to assist the vendors who

    • PDF County Innkeepers Tax Return

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      liability was greater than $60,000 but did not exceed $600,000 the permissible rate is 0.53%. • If your

    • PDF Illinois Department of Revenue ST-556-WS and ST-556-LSE-WS ...

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      The selling price in Section 8 is: A the amount due at signing, plus the total amount of lease payments (see rules of eligibility in instructions), or B the actual selling price. Go to page 2 to complete Step 8 Month Day Year DO NOT MAIL — For dealership records only. Keep in your records as


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      LEASE CALCULATION WORKSHEET Date of Lease Order or Prelease Agreement Lessee Name(s) MODEL YR MAKE-TRADE NAME MODEL BODY TYPE COLOR IDENTIFICATION NUMBER Price ... Total Amount Due at Lease Signing ...

    • PDF Lincoln Hills Senior Softball League 2019

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      Page 1 of 2 Lincoln Hills Senior Softball League - 2019 Membership is open to Men and Women Instructions: 1- Please complete both pages (attached) and make your Check payable to: LHSSL 2- Applications are due No Later Than Thursday, February 18, 2019 3- Give your application (both pages) and check to any Board member or mail them to:

    • PDF Membership Contract Fitness U, L.l.c.

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      c. Annual Payment: I must pay the Total Due Today upon signing this Contract. 4. TERM. All memberships, other than Quarterly memberships (with a term of three (3) months), have a term of twelve (12) months from the date of the Start Date (or if none is specified, then the date of this Contract).

    • PDF Missouri University of Science and Technology Statement of ...

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      By signing this document, I, the student, agree that I am fully responsible for the charges incurred as the results of this ... total due or any amount greater than the required minimum. Any payment amount less than the total due results in a 1%

    • PDF Mobile Home Real Estate Excise Tax Affidavit

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      A MINIMUM OF $10.00 IS DUE IN FEE(S) AND/OR TAX. AFFIDAVIT I certify under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of Washington that the foregoing is true and correct. Signature of Seller/Agent Name (print) Date and Place of Signing: Signature of Buyer/Agent Name (print) Date & Place of Signing: TREASURER'S CERTIFICATE

    • PDF Not in The Market for A Autorefinow!Vehicle? S 1.8t /36 ...

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      $179 first month payment + $2109 cash down + $625 acquisition fee= $2913 total due at signing Tiguan: $229 first month payment + $2109 cash down + $625 acquisition fee= $2963 total due at signing. ++Trade in must be 8 years old or newer with 100K miles or less. $1,000 verifiable retail

    • PDF Notice to Vehicle Owner - Payment of a 'Total Loss' Claim

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      Notice to Vehicle Owner - Payment of a 'Total Loss' Claim ... total fees due payable to the Department of Revenue. The title fee is $18 and the inspection fee is $100. ... electronically completed and printed for signing and submission from the Department's web site, www.dor.ga.gov.

    • PDF O Administrative Office of the United ... - United States Courts

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      due at signing due at signing after all offers tax, title, license and dealer fees extra. no security deposit required. mileage charge of $.25/mile over 30,000 miles. at participating dealers. all-new 2019 blazer 2.5l cloth fwd ultra-low mileage lease example for qualified gm and dealership employees,

    • PDF Publication 839:(7/10):A Dealer's Guide to Sales and Use ...

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      payments, fees, and charges due from the lessee is subject to sales tax, and the tax must be paid and collected on the date described above: • any down payment, up-front payment, or due-on-signing payment; • the total of the monthly (or other periodic) payments due for the entire term of the lease, including any option to renew (see Monthly

    • PDF Real Estate Excise Tax Affidavit

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      land transferred continues to qualify and will indicate by signing below. If the land no longer qualifies or you do not wish to continue the designation or classification, it will be removed and th e compensating or additional taxes will be due and payable by the seller or transferor at the time of sale. ( RCW 84.33.140 or RCW 84.34.108).

    • PDF Regulation M Consumer Leasing Introduction

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      total amount due at lease signing or delivery, provided the ad states that these have been excluded. Otherwise, an ad may include these fees in the periodic payment or total amount due, provided it states that the fees are based on a particular state or locality and indicates that the fees may vary.

    • PDF TOTAL Due at Lease Signing $ 1. TERM

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      TOTAL Due at Lease Signing _____ $ _____ 1. TERM The term hereof shall commence on ... The whole amount of rent is due and payable when this lease is effective. Payment of rent in installments is for tenant's convenience only. If tenant defaults, Owner may give notice to tenant that rent may no ...

    • PDF The Best Pricing of The Year! Open Till 10pm Friday ...

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      lease for 39 months, 7,500 mi/yr, total due at lease signing $1,926, includes $495 down, plus 1st payment and fees due at signing. $0 sec deposit w/lincoln afs approval. purchase option $30,913, stk#1lk5605954.

    • PDF The LINCOLN SUV family

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      total due at signing $4,498, includes 1st payment, taxes and fees, $0 security deposit w/lincoln afs approval, purchase option $24,107, 10,500 mi a year stk #1lh5609444. posted price includes $2,500 retail premium bonus cash. total due at signing $3,395, includes 1st payment and fees, $0 security deposit w/

    • PDF This Is a Legal Contract. Please Read Before Signing.

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      14. A deposit of half the total rental fee is due upon signing this agreement, along with a check for $250 damage deposit. The balance of rental fee will be due at least 7 days prior to the event date. 15. Cancellation at least 7 days prior to event will result in full refund.

    • PDF Total Amount Due by November 14, 2011

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      By signing below, you authorize Verizon Wireless to electronically debit your bank account each month for the total balance due on your account. The check you send will be used to setup Automatic Payment. You will be notified each month of the date and amount of the debit 10 days in advance of ...

    • PDF Total Due At Signing $339 - VillageSoup

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      Total Due At Signing $339 36 mos ... Cash dues at signing is aer $2,800 total cash back including $1,000 Customer Cash (PGM #50386) = $1,500 Bonus Cash (PGM #13008) + $300 2.8 V6 EcoBoost Bonus ...

    • PDF www.gmc.com

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      $1,129 due at lease signing after all offers. NO security deposit requited. e, and dealer fees extra. Mileage charge of over 32,500 miles, At participating of s dealers only widows an r GM with 20 total of con s the o and step). u n and siblings (includ ng d of fomer GM with 5-20 total of cumulatw an foll their and ors of age at time

    • Real Estate Excise Tax Affidavit - King County

      Total Due $ A MINIMUM OF $10.00 IS DUE IN FEE(S) AND/OR TAX *SEE INSTRUCTIONS 8 I CERTIFY UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY THAT THE FOREGOING IS TRUE AND CORRECT. Signature of Grantor or Grantor's Agent Name (print) Date & city of signing: Signature of Grantee or Grantee's Agent Name (print) Date & city of signing: