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      TOYOTA VEHICLES! APR APPROVED CREDIT" FOR 60 MONTHS GET BONUS CAS Get Our Lowest Prices WE RENT CARS! Get Last-Chance Savings On New 2015 Toyotas During Our SIP. N YEAR NO MONEY DOWN! NO FIRST PAYMENT! THE DOOR! NO Change-nver Event! PAYMENTS FEBRUARY 2016! Plus, Introductory Pricing On New 2016 Toyotas! TO QUALIFIED BUYERS" New 2016 Toyota ...


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      •advertised toyota leases on this page based on $750 college grad rebate or tfs/lease cash: offer valid only to customers who trade-in a toyota, lexus scion, or can provide a copy of the registration for a family owned vehicle ... no money down lease for only $189 * price includes all tfs rebates 4 ,0 to aldu esi nc p based on, all tfs ...

    • BUY VS. LEASE MATRIX - Motorwebs

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      No more payments! Once you’ve paid off what you owe in your contract, there are no more monthly payments to make. See your contract. At this point, whether you can buy your Toyota depends on what’s stated in your lease agreement and your finances. If you can’t buy it (or if you don’t want to), then it’s on to your next car!


    • Car Dealer Leasing Tricks

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      Common Car Dealer Leasing Tricks Courtesy of LeaseGuide.com (www.LeaseGuide.com) ... down), is that the dealer will give you fair credit for your car’s trade value (hopefully) and add the remaining loan balance (negative equity) to the price of ... don’t take over leases.

    • Corporate Resolution to Finance or Lease

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      Corporate Resolution to Finance or Lease. RESOLVED, that this corporation. ... to sign finance contracts or leases for and on behalf of this corporation. ... To help the United States Government fight terrorism and money laundering, Federal law requires us to obtain, verify, and record information that identifies each person or business that ...

    • Don’t Be Taken for a Ride Guide to Auto Leasing

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      Understand the effect of trade-ins and down payments. The key thing to remember is that any money you put down on your lease or any vehicle that you have used as a trade-in to reduce your monthly payments is money that you no longer have available to you, and money you will not get back at the end of the lease.


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      $500 rebate* on all new unlicensed Toyota models when you ˜nance or lease through a Toyota dealer and Toyota Financial Services. Plus, no payments for 90 days on select ˜nance programs! ... or the down payment on TFS ˜nance contracts. Limit one rebate per lease or ˜nance transaction.


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      2010 TOYOTA PRIUS #7769 ... ††Interest accrues from the contract date of origination.*36 month leases based on 12K miles/year, no security deposit required. Leases & buy prices are plus tax, license and $164 dealer fee. ... NO MONEY DOWN! NO FIRST PAYMENT! REAL OUT THE DOOR! LowestGet Our Prices On New 2015 Toyotas! OR OR OR ...

    • Structured Finance - NYU

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      able to get more car for their money and drive a new car every two to four years, depending on the term of the lease contract. Most leases require little or no down payment, and, in most states, sales tax is charged on the monthly payment rather than on the initial vehicle price (as is the case with auto purchases).


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      (1)0% apr based on $16.67 per $1000 financed with $0 down on approved credit. *36 month leases, plus first payment, 12K miles/year. No security deposit required. Down payment: RAV4 $2995, Camry $2995, Corolla $2595, 4Runner $3995 (US Bank), Highlander $3995. Prices & payments plus tax, license, $172 dealer fee on approved credit.

    • TOYOTA SAFETY SENSE TSS-C and TSS-P: Features, Operation ...

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      TOYOTA SAFETY SENSE ™ TSS-C and TSS-P: Features, Operation, Setting Adustments, Limitations and Precautions THE FUTURE OF SAFETY IS HERE TOYOTA’S ADVANCED ACTIVE SAFETY PACKAGES: TSS-C AND TSS-P TSS2 is designed to support driver awareness, decision making and vehicle operation over a wide range of speeds under certain conditions.