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      sponsored by Department of the Treasury bureaus costing $250,000 or more must be approved by the Secretary of the Treasury. In addition, Treasury guidance issued in places limitations on the use of non-governmental event planners because their use can reduce the Department of the Treasury’s control over conference expenses and increase costs. 7

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    • Audit Report - United States Department of the Treasury

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      Conferences Treasury Directive 12-70 defines the scope and types of conferences and provides guidance for conference reporting and approval processes. This directive also requires development of a database to track and report on conferences.4 In recent years, spending on Federal agency conferences has

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      B. Conventions and Conferences (sponsored by professional associations): This category is distinct from formal staff training and seminars, although some training may take place at such events. These are general programs, held on a regular basis, which address subjects of particular interest

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    • CASH MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE - Association of …

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      Treasury management systems and SWIFT 12 Mobile payments 14 Emerging markets 17 The views from Asia and the US 18 Keynote speaker: Andrew Hilton Cash Management Conference Report 03 James Allan, head of UK cash management, Barclays Since cash management is a core responsibility of treasurers everywhere, it is no surprise that the ACT Cash ...

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    • A Probability-BasedStressTestof FederalReserveAssetsand …

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      are able to accurately price the Fed’s portfolio of Treasury securities. For our empirical assessment of the Fed’s balance sheet risk, we generate Treasury yield curve projections using the shadow-rate AFNS model favored by Christensen and Rudebusch (2013, hence-forth CR) in their analysis of U.S. Treasury yields near the ZLB.

      treasury financial management conference

    • The Impact of Treasury Supply on Financial Sector Lending ...

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      The Impact of Treasury Supply on Financial Sector Lending and Stability∗ Arvind Krishnamurthy Annette Vissing-Jorgensen April1,2015 Abstract We present a theory in which the key driver of short-term debt issued by thefinancial sector is the

    • APRIL MAY 2019

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      Auditing Training Seminars 2019 Tennessee Training APRIL-MAY 2019 Sponsored by National Association of State Auditors, Comptrollers and Treasurers and Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury, Department of Audit. STATE OF TENNESSEE COMPTROLLER OF THE TREASURY DEPARTMENT OF AUDIT SUITE 1500 JAMES K. POLK STATE OFFICE BUILDING


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      ACCREDITED PAYMENTS RISK PROFESSIONAL PROGRAM GUIDELINES FOR REPORTING CONTINUING EDUCATION CREDITS (As Approved January 1, 2019) General Guidelines: In order to retain APRP status, an APRP must earn sixty (60) continuing education credits within the five-year accreditation period, with no more than twenty (20) credits earned in any one year. The reporting year …

    • Certified Treasury Professional - AFP

      Seminars: An event covering one topic that lasts as few as 50 minutes up to several days. Credit is determined by dividing the total minutes of instruction, less breaks and meals, by 50. Career Development: Seminars, conferences, etc. concerning subject matter not specific to the treasury/ finance/accounting/financial planning & analysis ...

    • Corporate Treasury Management

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      seminars on different topics of Corporate Treasury Management to ... for treasury function, and to establish criteria for treasury ... is a division of KESDEE Inc. GFTT specializes in conducting seminars and conferences for financial practitioners worldwide. Across 40 countries, GFTT has conducted both in-house and public enrollment programs on ...

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