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    • Child Guidance (1954) s.org

      and spiritual education will be treasured by every thoughtful par-ent. That this volume, standing by the side of The Adventist Home, Messages to Young People, and other of the E. G. White books of counsel to parents and youth, may serve to guide fathers and mothers in their most important work is the sincere wish of the publishers and The ...

    • Christian Education (1909)

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      the simplicity of true education, they will better understand how to prepare students for advanced studies. Teachers are to learn as they teach. Advancement is to be made, and, by advancement, experience is to be gained. Industrial Work The Word of God is to lie at the foundation of all the work done in these schools.

    • Counsels to Parents,

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      ucation and Special Testimonies on Education, two small works published in the nineties, carried these messages to the people. Finally, in 1903, Education, a masterpiece in the field of charac-ter education, was presented to the general reading public by Ellen G. White, and through many printings and translations it has conveyed

    • Last Day Events

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      (Fundamentals of Christian Education, 336). In her book The Great Controversy between Christ and Satan, she graphically outlined the grand and dreadful events of the future. There is no other book like it. Maranatha, a 1976 book compiled from her writings, also deals with the fulfillment of last-day Bible prophecies.

    • Manuscript Releases Volume Two [Nos. 97-161]

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      Preface When Ellen White died in 1915, she left her manuscripts and letters in the custody of a small group of ministers and administrators in the Seventh-day Adventist Church whom she had appointed to

    • Messages to Young People (1930) s.org

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      Youth’s Instructor and in other places have not been preserved in permanent form. These instructions are a precious heritage, and should be in the hands of all our young people of today.

    • Special Testimonies On Education (1897)

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      brought into education, which will never fit the learner to live in this life so that he may obtain the higher immortal life. The literature placed in our schools, written by infidels and so-called wise men, does not contain the education that students should have. It is not essential that they shall be educated in these lines in order to graduate

    • Testimonies to Ministers - Site Oficial

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      The True Inspiration to Enthusiasm . . . . . .81 Truth to be Enthroned in the Heart . . . . . . .81 Worldly Amusements . . . . . . . . . . . . . .82

    • The Concept of Character Development in the Writings of Ellen ...

      Andrews University Digital Commons @ Andrews University Dissertations Graduate Research 1977 The Concept of Character Development in the Writings of Ellen G. White

    • The Ministry of Health

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      Information about this Book Overview This eBook is provided by theEllen G. White Estate. It is included in the larger freeOnline Bookscollection on the Ellen G. White