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    • Before Kenneth Arnold

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      The sighting did end up in Air Force records but for whatever reason was not released to the National Archives when other UFO files were made public in 1976. Earlier researchers who had the chance to view that file indicate that the military attributed the sighting to a rocket test.


    • CIA's U-2 and OXCART as UFOs

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      They were careful, however, not to reveal the true cause of the sighting to the public. According to later estimates from CIA officials who worked on the U-2 project and the OXCART (SR-71, or Blackbird) project, over half of all UFO reports from the late 1950s through the 1960s were accounted for by manned reconnaissance flights (namely the U-2 ...

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    • Category 9 Entries

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      751107 Lewiston MT 9 Malmstrom AFB, Montana, RV,E-M 751107 Malmstrom AFB MT 9 NC Targeting system tampered with 751108 Malmstrom AFB MT 9 NC F-106's scrambled after UFOs 751110 Minot AFB ND 9 A long entry from the 24th NORAD Region Senior Director's Log said: "UFO sighting reported by Minot Air Force Station, a bright star-like object in the ...

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    • Have you ever observed UFO

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      The 1947 UFO sighting triggered the world wide interest in “flying saucers”. About 50% of the alleged UFO sightings can be scientifically explained. UFO can pose a threat to our security. Most scientists believe that no intelligent life exists beyond our planet. Some people say that they were aboard the extraterrestrial spaceships.


    • Masjestic_05.doc

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      Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO): Headquarters USAF has established a program for investigations of reliably reported unidentified flying objects within the United States. ... Ontario, a station for investigating and detecting UFOs was established. On August 8, 1954, the equipment "went wild" recalled Smith later. ... For example, after ...



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      Thursday March 13th 1997 was the date of perhaps the best documented UFO sighting in history. The sighting dubbed the “Phoenix Lights” were seen by thousands and resulted in dozens of photographs and videotapes. It all started at 8:16 P.M. In Paulden, Arizona about 60 miles south of Phoenix.

    • UNITEL_8.doc - StealthSkater

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      an autobiography of the UFO sighting-"demonstration" which created UNITEL,NW Summer 1981 In pursuit of my dream of learning to fly, I contacted the Base Commander at LeMoore, California Naval Air Station about my acceptance into Flight School wearing contact lenses.

    • results of better quality - Jacques Vallée

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      In France, such a station exists at Chambon-la-Forêt, about 30 kilometers northeast of Orléans. This station has been recording the three components of the field since 1886, with about 1 gamma accuracy and a bandwidth of a few Hertz. We have, therefore, analyzed the UFO eye-witness accounts emanating from an area around Chambon-la-Forêt (10).