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    • Ufo Hunter A Sky Hunters Guide To The Unexplained

      Read Book Ufo Hunter A Sky Hunters Guide To The UnexplainedHistory Project Blue Book: UFO Secrets Hidden Inside Hangar 18 (Season 2) | History UFO Sightings in Colorado Ufo Hunter A Sky Hunters UFO sighting: Hunter spots an anomaly in archive photos and claims it's '100% alien' UFO Page 12/43

      international station sightings

    • Cosmonaut Viktor Afanasyev

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      depart from the station. This is the main reason why 'space UFO' myth-makers refuse to provide contextual information on famous stories and videos, such as date/time of the event -- they want people to NOT know what else was going on in space, such as activities that commonly kick up dust and break stuff loose, such as -- UNDOCKING.

    • List of reported UFO sightings in 20th century

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      24.06.1947 Kenneth Arnold UFO sighting north ofMount Rainier,Washington United States ... Massachusetts UFO incident Coast Guard Air Station Salem United States ... 20.09.1973 Skylab 3 UFO Encounter space stationSkylab 3in Earth orbit outer space

      sighting station

    • Ufo Hunter A Sky Hunters Guide To The Unexplained

      UFO Sightings in Colorado Ufo Hunter A Sky Hunters UFO sighting: Hunter spots an anomaly in archive photos and claims it's '100% alien' UFO hunters have re-examined archival photos purporting to show an "alien" spacecraft over the US. UFO sighting: Hunter spots an anomaly in archive photos ...



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      Bill Knight of KIKM Radio Station in Sherman Texas, reports on his sighting of 3/4/78: "At about 8:30 pm, I was looking out the north window of the radio station when I saw a bright white light or object falling in the north. At first I thought it was another bright falling star, but after it …



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      UFO CLASSIFICATION – CE1 (CLOSE ENCOUNTER 1ST KIND). On duty sighting. 2 Officers. Source – Mr Midgley via Keighley News 02/12/94. 1950 2. Monday. 02/11/50. Location – Gowerton, Wales. Following a report by a member of the public of two lights traveling across the sky, DETECTIVE SERGEANT AMBROSE DAVIES, of Gowerton Police station observed ...

    • New Sightings Put AF on Spot

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      rocket-firing station operated by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration.) At 5:46 p.m., an Arcas rocket was fired, burning out in about 28 seconds. Ten minutes later, the huge UFO appeared from the southwest, streaking toward the station. It was first sighted by NASA engineer, Dempsey Bruton, Chief of Satellite Tracking at Wallops.

    • Pilot Sightings - UFO Casebook

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      5 Introduction For over fifty years, both civilian and military pilots have seen Unidentified Aerial Phenomena1 (UAP), also commonly called Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs). This catalogue is a compilation of more than 1300+ such sightings, by military pilots, private

    • Alien Presence on the Moon? - Moon Anomalies

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      The NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, the Houston Planetary Institute and specialists from the bank of space information are investigating the regions. Mysterious terrace-shaped excavations of the rock have been discovered near the Tiho crater. The concentric hexahedral excavations and …

    • NASA Engineers Report High­ Performance, V-Shaped UFO

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      classic UFO case. Classic not only because (1) the sighting was made near Langley; (2) one of the ob­ servers was a retired AF pilot and another an aeronautical engineer; (3) the object landed on a restricted AF bombing range - but also because ( 4) the Air Force …

    • Solved: The 1967 Soviet Union ڙCrescents-in-the-Skyښ Wave ...

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      Dec 31, 2016 · astronomical station near Koslovodsk of UFO seen over the Ukraine, Crimea, and Caucasus in July, September and October 1967. •"The most characteristic type of UFO," wrote Zigel, "is a luminous orange-colored crescent with a diameter of 15 to …

    • UFOs Sink Mir into the Ocean while the Alien Choir Sings On

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      Joseph Trainor's UFO Roundup relays a Reptoid sighting from a Mexican UFO group. Two policeme were reportedly on patrol near the thermo-electric plant in Rosarito, Baja California, at 3:17 one morning when "they saw what appeared to be a reptilian creature walking on the beach with a black suit on and with glaring red eyes." That

    • SUNlite

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      1 Another UFO promotional gimmick flops The image above is what the Citizen’s hearing on UFO disclosure would like to happen in order to prove that UFOs are alien space- ships. Unfortunately, UFOs don’t crash in highly populated areas. Instead, the myriad of witnesses and UFO experts paraded in

    • “Aliens” and UFOs

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      This link between Unidentified Flying Objects and intelligent alien life is an ... The Voronezh Incident was an alleged UFO sighting reported in ... of the Voronezh district police station, stated ...

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