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    • The Lost Continent Of Mu

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      It was on August 5th, 1927, that Roerich and his party had a typical UFO sighting, 20 years before Kenneth Arnold saw his in 1947. “We saw, in a direction from north to south, something big and shiny reflecting the sun, like a huge oval moving at great speed. Crossing our camp, this thing changed in its direction from south to south west.


    • Date: December 14, 2002 at 13:10:08

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      FOX news got a picture of one of these birds one month ago on a Monday morning. The FBI seized their "UFO" videotape within one hour of their discovery. The size and nature of the "UFO" did not look like anything even remotely flyable. The reason: the only component of the aircraft that is visable to the naked eye is the girder backbone of the ...

      spotted station

    • Wormhole in El Cerro del Pueblo? - The Marginal

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      SECOND SIGHTING A month later I returned to California to resume my business and to acquire mining equipment for my mining operations near Villa Lopez in Mexico and in August of 2001 during a phone conversation with my wife who was in Villa Lopez, Chihuahua, she indicated that a sighting occurred again at El Cerro del Pueblo and that my brother ...

      international station sighting

    • T-Bird vs. The Flying Saucers - Michael Topper Metaphysics

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      dealing with UFO abduction, etc., be given a wide berth, and certainly children should be kept away from them! They are not just “spooky” movies, good for Halloween-type thrills. This is not an easy month for your reviewer. The decision to advance this discussion and extend such difficult, goblin-ridden counsel has not been made lightly.


    • Proof Copy ([1/4E] in the process of updating)

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      1/4E] in the process of updating) Prof. Dr Jan Pajak. ADVANCED MAGNETIC DEVICES. Volume 15. Abductions of people to UFOs. Scientific monograph, 4th edition, New Zealand, 2004


    • The Eye

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      S t e p h e n. KING. DREAMCATCHER. Hodder & Stoughton. Grateful acknowledgement is made for permission to reprint excerpts from the following. copyrighted material: "Dying Man" ©

    • Don't Be Home for Christmas

      He was the only person exiting through the station’s breezeway. He passed a plaque stating the station was built in 1914. Over the Chicago brick main entrance was a large clock flanked by eagle sculptures. In 1975, the station had been added to the National Register of Historic Places.

    • THE JOURNEY OF LIFE - ieterna

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      Former UK Ministry of Defence Project Leader NICK POPE, who has studied UFO sightings. Pope has further reiterated that we could make contact with alien life within 12 years with the help of the world’s largest radio telescope (a supersized 1.3 billion pounds), the Square Kilometre Array (SKA), The Daily Express reported, unleashing “new ...


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      It is most privileged as a human being to search and study about God. For God’s ways are not our ways. The infinite, unfathomable God to be studied by a finite and limited creat

    • Abbreviation Relevant to Gunners

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      UFO Unit Fire Officer. ULC Unit Load Container (Holds 17x155 mm rounds plus charges) ULOTC University of London Officer Training Corps. UNCIVPOL United Nations Civilian Police (Cyprus) Uncle Light Affectionate nickname by which U Bty was known during the 1950’s. Uncle Percy Unrotated Projectile

    • WILLIAM COOPER EXPOSED! - mindandmotive

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      Oct 03, 2012 · a fantastic sighting of a UFO while Cooper was a crewmember of the. USS TIRU, a United States Naval Submarine, in 1966. According to. Cooper, the sighting took place while he was on duty as the port. lookout. Claiming that the sub's skipper immediately classified the. incident, Cooper reported that when the submarine reached port, the

    • МГИМО

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      Space: Russia sent the first satellite into space in 1957. The first space station, Skylab was launched in 1973. Passenger flights to the moon are the nest stage. Take it in turns to give your talks. Listen to the other students. At the end, ask any questions or make any points of your own about what they said.

    • Puzzle Museum

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      51 A i w t R I O Area in which the Roswell Incident Occurred. U-new. (A UFO/alien sighting.) 51 O M o t U N Original Members of the United Nations (in 1945). H. 51 S N i t B C Sovereign Nations in the British Commonwealth. U new. 52 C i a D Cards in a Deck. U. 52 C i a P Cards in a Pack. 52 C i t D Cards in the Deck. 52 C i t P Cards in the Pack

    • The following Hopi prophecy was first published in a ...

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      http://www.rexresearch.com/index.htm, esp. http://www.rexresearch.com/prophist/phfcon~1.htm. MONASTIC PROPHECIES OF THE 20th Century and End of world. 2. GANDHI ...

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