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  • ufo spotted by space station

    • Roswell debris

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      FUFOR: "The Roswell Events", ed. Fred Whiting, sponsored by Fund for UFO Research, 1991; quoted in the 1994 Air Force Report on Roswell. USAF: United States Air Force Report on Roswell, Sept. 1994., Sept. 1995. SR#2 & SR#6: Leonard Stringfield's UFO Crash/Retrievals Status Report II, 1980, VI, 1991. SKEP: July/August 1995 "Skeptical Inquirer"

      station sightings

    • REFERENCES B - Impaktnamen

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      Beginnend 2010.1.1; bis 2015.10.31: monatsweise nach Beobachtungsort; 2015.11.1 bis 2019.6.30: vollständig, individualisiert, soweit mag >= -4, ab 2019.7.1 ...

      sightings international station

    • Registered with the Writer's Guild West 1421554

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      One of the space trackers, calls out the progress of a UFO. The computers flash and spew out data. Three of Interceptors close in on the . UFO space craft. CUT BACK TO: CIA DIRECTOR. The department of homeland security has changed . the threat Level down to yellow regarding . these UFO sightings until their is more . substantial evidence ...

      station sighting

    • The Future Past - Free American

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      I thought of the rash of UFO sightings. I was convinced that the government must have stumbled onto the secret of the magnetic drive in its research or found an alien craft or one of the ancient ships that once plied the skies of this planet. ... We have reports that the expected meteor shower has started. The space station has been destroyed ...


    • www.cosmic-people.com www.universe-people.com …

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      An unusual twist in the Adamski story came out of a UFO landing in England on 24 April 1965, near Scoriton, in Devonshire, where three space-beings in "light-body" got out of a bell-shaped ship and made contact with Mr. Arthur Bryant, a gardener there, and one of the ETs indicated association with the former George Adamski, who left his ...


    • Vǫlubrjótr, “GcMAF, 8 Dead Doctors, Anti-Vaccine ...

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      Then in 2006 the Antarctic station doctor who did work with Rodney Marks suddenly disappeared. ... places, Antarctica, the mysterious continent where pyramids have been discovered along with a reputed history of peak UFO activity. ... and a space race deploying madness behind more phallic death machines in the hands of the latest trigger-happy ...

    • *DATE: February 19, 1943

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      While the complete earlier account may not exist, it was quoted in the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), UFO Investigator, Volume 1, No. 1, July 1957, in an article by Major Donald E. Keyhoe, "The Flying Saucer Story A History of Unidentified Flying Objects--Beginning a Series."


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      The TV station was trying to capitalize on the residual interest in UFO sightings that had been generated by the Valentich disappearance. The disappearance of Valentich is still a mystery.) A reporter employed by that TV station, Quentin Fogarty, was on vacation in New Zealand, so the station asked him to prepare a short documentary on the ...

    • Keyhoe_01.doc - StealthSkater

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      Pilots are directed to report unidentified flying objects (UFOs) immediately from all parts of the World using this emergency system -- and to keep these sightings secret. Under Section III, any pilot who reveals an official UFO report can be imprisoned for 1-to-10 years and fined up to 10,000 dollars. (Title 18, U.S. Code, 793.)

    • Keyhoe_02.doc - StealthSkater

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      Flying as fast as a jet airliner, the UFO was heading toward Lake Superior. At over 500 mph, the F-89 raced after it out across Whitefish Bay. 9 more minutes ticked by in the tense quiet of the GCI radar room. Gradually the F-89 cut down the gap. Wilson should have spotted their quarry on the fighter's short-range radar.

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