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  • unscramble 11 letter word

    • 5 Minutes Left: What Do I Do

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      Unscramble these letters and find the names of three things that you can take with you everywhere. ... and D across is a four-letter word and each of the columns B, C, and D down is a four-letter word. ... Circle 1 + 1 + 11 + 9 + 9, basically two one the 1’s circled together make an 11.

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    • Archives of Ontario Vocabulary Puzzle

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      Vocabulary Puzzle: Word 11 This table contains word 11 of the vocabulary puzzle. Activity: Unscramble the letters In this table, students are given blank boxes to unscramble the letters provided. They are then asked to write one letter in each box to form a word related to archives and archival work.

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    • Exploratory Spanish Unit A

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      Unscramble the following Spanish-speaking countries; write the answer in the first blank and the geographical area in where the country is located (North America, South America, Central America, Caribbean, Europe or Africa) in the second blank.

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    • Homework Spelling Activities:

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      Make “X-Words” by writing pairs of words having one common letter so they criss-cross. Make at least 20 pairs! Write “Rainbow Words” with colored pencils. Make a word search for a classmate using grid paper. Scramble your words for a classmate to unscramble. Write a letter to a classmate using as many of your words as you can.

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    • Lesson 1 | Characteristics of Life - Fulda

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      Unscramble each word. Then write the correct term next to its definition on the lines provided. 1. clel 2. samigron 3. rainullclue 4. steamhissoo 5. cruelmalltiul 6. made of one cell. 7. the ability to maintain steady internal conditions when outside conditions change. 8. the smallest unit of …

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    • Spelling Activities

      Make and complete a word search using www.puzzlemaker.com . Write a letter to a friend/relative, in proper letter format, using at least 10 of the spelling words. Underline each word. Write tongue twisters for using at least 12 of your spelling words. Example- spelling word: some- …

    • Write your words in abc order

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      Then ask a friend to unscramble the words. Correct your friend’s paper. 15 POINTS Look up all of your words in a dictionary. On your paper, write each word, its part of speech and its definition. 20 POINTS Write a mnemonic sentence to help you remember each of your spelling words. Each letter of the word should start a word in the sentence.