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    • A credibility method for profltable cross-selling of ...

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      A credibility method for profltable cross-selling of insurance products Fredrik Thuring Faculty of Actuarial Science and Insurance, Cass Business School, London, United Kingdom, frt@codan.dk A method is presented for identifying an expected profltable set of customers, to ofier them an additional



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      try and find and sell 2,000 or 3,000 monoline accounts you will have difficulty servicing and retaining. Here is an outline of steps you can take to develop your own account rounding action plan: Which customers do you target? For obvious reasons monoline accounts should be a priority. Especially since much of today's marketing focuses


    • Best Practices in Email Marketing The Ultimate Lifecycle ...

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      WHITE PAPER | APRIL 2012 Best Practices in Email Marketing The Ultimate Lifecycle Email Marketing Guide: Cross- & Up-Sell Programs Proven strategies for implementing, testing and optimizing effective cross- and up-sell programs

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    • NBA Design Configuration

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      Cross Sell: For existing customers, this business issue provides sales offers for new products that are complementary to current product holdings. • Upsell: For existing customers, this business issue provides sales offers to entice customers to upgrade to higher value products. •


    • New Distribution Capability (NDC) - IATA

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      New Distribution Capability (NDC) Glossary December 2014 3 Card Payment Various forms of payment that include: credit card (includes UATP), debit card (PIN based or signature based), pre-paid debit/bank/gift card, cash card where the Airline is the merchant. Refer to IATA Resolution 728 Attachment A for full details on card types and codes.

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    • Next-Best-Action Design and Configuration

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      on definition at the Service Level. CrossSell IsCrossSellRelevant and NBA_CrossSell TopOffers and NextBestAction Provides top cross sell offers to be considered for TopOffers and NextBestAction. Upsell : IsUpsellRelevant and NBA_UpSell TopOffers and NextBestAction Provides top upsell offers to be considered for TopOffers and NextBestAction.

    • Selling the cloud

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      † Cross-sell and up-sell to existing customers Strategic value: Focus resources on the right customers The foundation of high-performing go-to-market sys-tems is a focus on the right customers. Providers will need to anticipate where future demand will come from and select and maintain focus on …


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      upsell and cross-sell programs capabilities to guide future performance improvements. Planning for Success Customer expansion requires the right team, meticulous planning, insights to action and consistent follow-through. We will explore proven best practices across three key areas in this eBook:


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      how to sell more items to their customers. An important aspect of the Suggestive Selling Training Program is to monitor the effects of the training program. XYZ Resort and Casino has developed a program to monitor the guest check average. Using existing software on their POS (Point-of-Sale) computer system, they are


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      Expansion Growth Rate (Upsell + Cross-sell) New revenue from current customers as a result of selling more of the same product (upsell) and/or new products (cross-sell). Expansion growth rate can be one of the best indicators of the health of your business as typically customers who are purchasing

    • The Business of Campaign Response Tracking - SAS Support

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      Upsell: Provide an incentive to persuade the customer to upgrade his or her existing product to a product with a higher monetary value or to purchase another product. These actions increase the number of products per customer. Cross-sell: Provide an incentive to persuade a customer with an existing product to purchase a secondary product.


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      Upsell for Growth with Avaya IP Office ... Reoccurring and profitable product and services cross-sell Avaya Partner Promotion Process The Upsell for Growth promotion can only be executed via the new Marketing Promotions Module inside the Avaya One Source tool: 1. Create a new merchandise or configured quote at Avaya’s One Source tool

    • Understand and Engage Consumers Everywhere by Leveraging ...

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      • Omnichannel audience definition and targeting for coordinated acquisition, upsell & cross-sell, and retention programs across digital and offline platforms • Creation of more relevant messages, content and customer experiences Only Personicx is built from the most accurate and complete data available at the actual household

    • Upselling The Art of the Service Walkaround - ICE Australia

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      Cross-selling is the action or practice of selling an additional product or service to an existing customer. In practice, businesses define cross-selling in many different ways. Elements that might influence the definition might include the size of the business, the industry sector it ... Upselling The Art of the Service Walkaround