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      new clients, upsell, cross-sell and further penetrate the market. Performance will be assessed on an annual quota based scale of sales into the designated territory and account list. The position involves phone and online interactions with clients and prospects, as well


    • CRM Section 05

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      • Upsell and cross-sell ratios:This is the percentage of attempts to upsell or cross-sell that are successful. Upselling and cross-selling efforts should be more successful when they are part of a coherent customer relation-ship management strategy. • Marketing costs and/or response rates: Data collected through customer


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      o Definition – cross/up-selling Benefits of cross/up-selling Identifying opportunities to cross/up-sell (current & fu-ture) ing sessions for entities of the financial Services sector and DAY 2 Explore/Identify Why Selling/Cross Selling Fails Turning Barriers into Opportunities Defining Solutions & Approaches to Cross-sell/Upsell

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    • Customer Management in SME Banking

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      1.1. Definition of SME 15 1.2. Customer Management in SME Banking: Definition 16 1.3. Benefits of Customer Management 17 2. Sme Customer management along the Customer life Cycle 21 2.1. Improving Customer Segment Strategies 21 2.2. Improving Acquisition and Reducing Costs 25 2.3. Increasing Revenues Through Cross-sell/Up-sell 29 2.4.



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      through cross-sell, upsell, warranty conversion and other customer expansion plays * Channel partners are being asked to add these responsibilities to their role; however, the solution provider is not always prepared to offer compelling margins, incentives, enablement or …

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    • Dynamic Segmentation for Large-Scale Marketing …

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      Dynamic Segmentation for Large-Scale Marketing Optimization variables, making optimization feasible. Unfortunately, there is no principled way to segment the customer base a priori that will admit an optimal solution. Customers will be grouped for whom very different predictions of behavior, response, or value are made. This effectively

    • ILOG Business Rules Solution Enabling Smarter Customer ...

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      Increased pre-qualified cross-sell offers from 13% to 40% Increased upsell/cross-sell offer acceptance from 3% to 30% Added over $14 million incremental revenue in 2.5 months Improved customer satisfaction Increased sales force satisfaction and effectiveness BRMS applies compliance policies, profiles clients, ranks products, determines risk,

    • Key capabilities for the future of underwriting

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      lead quality and participate in marketing campaigns to increase the cross-sell/ upsell opportunities. Thus, carriers plan to direct their technological investments in this direction (see Figure 4). Similarly, carriers plan to make data investments around customers and industry

    • Lead to Revenue Management - Avangate

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      Lead Management: A Definition •From email campaigns, search, social sites, trade ... upsell/cross-sell. Challenge Support Custom Flows at Scale. Wanted to ... Lead to revenue management critical for B2B and B2C to ensure that you

    • Measuring the financial impact of retention & renewal ...

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      throughout the contract period to renewal, and create environment for potential upsell • Connect with Customer 30-60 days before Renewal followed by negotiations and coordination with Finance org at both the companies for contract execution

    • Oracle Revenue Management and Billing for Financial ...

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      Oracle Revenue Management and Billing for Financial Services provides banks with a comprehensive customer view for pricing, billing, payment application and collections. ORMB has the flexibility to tap deep pools of cross-silo customer data, transaction histories, credit risk and other information to determine personalized


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      engaging existing customers and getting them to upsell or cross-sell. • Marketing metrics: Cost per upsell/cross-sell, revenue by channel, campaign, ... consistent over time in what we call a “return” and use the same definition to evaluate success across programs and channels, the simple act of measuring ... THE INTEGRATED MARKETING ...

    • The 2018 Marketing Impact Report

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      cross-sell opportunities, while 39% plan to track upsell opportunities. This report will detail the drive for impact and the promise of deeper insights. Among the trends that will be highlighted in this report include: f The top drivers for why marketers are looking to better measure and understand marketing

    • The Business of Campaign Response Tracking - SAS Support

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      Upsell: Provide an incentive to persuade the customer to upgrade his or her existing product to a product with a higher monetary value or to purchase another product. These actions increase the number of products per customer. Cross-sell: Provide an incentive to persuade a customer with an existing product to purchase a secondary product.