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    • [DOC File]Battlefield tours in Northern France - World War I

      Students will learn about the wars that have impacted the World and US history as well as the societies that created them. Course Objective. Students will examine and think critically about the 8 major areas of Military history (Battles and campaigns, Logistics, military and society, strategy and tactics, doctrine and training, weapons and ...

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    • [DOCX File]SharpSchool

      Saturday, September 7 1918 . The first soldier at Camp Devens becomes ill with influenza. Just 35 miles northwest of Boston this camp, like so many other military camps, was hurriedly erected the summer of 1917 just after President Wilson and Congress declared war against Germany and entered the United States into World War I.

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    • [DOC File]1918 Pandemic Influenza in Maine

      “The Industrial Revolution brought great changes to all aspects of life, including the military. Armies were now swifter, stronger, more mobile and more deadly. New technologies also created new weapons. The cavalry and bayonets of the past would now meet tanks, machine guns, howitzer cannons, and airplanes on the battlefields of Europe.”

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    • [DOC File]DBQ: WWI

      Choose one of the major battles of WWI that we did NOT study in class and research the role of each of the groups of people in that battle. Your essay should make clear the differences in how each group perceived and experienced the battle. ... Evaluate if the US should have become involved in World War I. Your essay should address the facts as ...

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    • [DOC File]Handout: Jigsaw WWI Causes Activity

      Describe the military significance of the battles of Gettysburg in the East and Vicksburg in the West. ... Explain the consequences of WW1 for labor, women, and African Americans. ... and the new social and ethical challenges facing the United States in a global economy dominated by high technology and scientific innovation.

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    • [DOCX File]Home Page - BLaST Intermediate Unit 17

      The United States was very fortunate indeed to stage its Civil War in the 1860s. Fifty years later, technology alone would h ave raised its 600,000 fatalities into the millions. Without doubt, the feature of military conduct during the First World War that most excites moral indignation is attrition — the tactic or strategy of wearing down ...

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    • [DOCX File]Introduction - ThinkEdu Blog | Thinking, Teaching ...

      Sep 17 1778 – The Treaty of Fort Pitt is signed. It is the first formal treaty between the United States and a Native American tribe (the Lenape or Delaware Indians). Sep 17 1862 – Civil War: The Allegheny Arsenal explosion results in the single largest civilian disaster during the war. 78 workers, mostly young women, were killed.

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    • American Battles and Campaigns of World War One

      The United States maintained neutrality in the conflict until 1917, when war on Germany was officially declared. American military and economic contributions to the Allied war effort helped to turn the course of the war and eventually led to the defeat of the Central Powers. TASK. Write an essay that discusses… Two reasons why the U.S ...

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    • [DOCX File]Veterans Resources - A community for military veterans

      The Canadians held the ridge for a long period during WW1 and some of the tunnels they excavated under it can still be visited. The French National cemetery is nearby as are other important sites and cemeteries. 4 Ypres. Whilst the battle of the Somme lasted a few months their were three battles Ypres. The second battle saw the first use of ...

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    • [DOC File]World War One Assignment

      The beginning of World War One marked an era of change both for the United States and the world. Its consequences can still be felt today. In order to make history relevant, one must focus on the fact that it often repeats itself. This is why an understanding of the causes of World War One is so critical.

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