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      Bureau of Motor Vehicles • P.O. Box 68283 • Harrisburg, PA 17106-8283 ChECk (4) All APPliCAblE: APPLICATION FOR VEHICLE DEALER REGISTRATION PLATES FOR DEALERS LICENSED BY DEPARTMENT OF STATE NOTE: Dealer registration plates may be renewed for one or two year periods. All dealer registration plates listed must have the same expiration date.

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    • Dealership Record Retention - Henry+Horne

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      Accounts payable ledgers and schedules..... Annual domestic corporate fi ling report..... Annual inventory records.....


    • Guide to Record Retention for Auto Dealers

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      Guide to Record Retention for Auto Dealers You can rely on a reasonable record retention policy such as this one if you have thrown away records which are later requested of you. However, in order to use the policy as a defense, you should exercise the policy and discard documents ... The Used Car Buyers’ Guide is not technically required to ...

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    • Motor Vehicle Dealer Conveyance Fees

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      conveyance fees. The study was required under Public Act (PA) 15-5, June Special Session (JSS) (see § 428), which required PRI to compile information from new and used car dealers on (1) the average amount charged as a dealer conveyance fee each month from October 2014 through

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    • New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission

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      New and Used Car Dealers Special Category Registration and Plates (Boat Dealer, Converter, Financing, Insurer, Leasing, Manufacturer, Non-Conventional and Transporter) Auto Body Shops Driving Schools Inspection and Emission Repair Facilities


    • PennDOT Fact Sheet - Buying and Selling Your Vehicle in PA

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      Buying or Selling Your Vehicle in Pennsylvania . ... When a Pennsylvania resident acquires a new vehicle or acquires a used vehicle from a non-resident, including an out-of-state dealer, for use in this commonwealth. NOTE: If the MCO is assigned to a Pennsylvania registered dealer and reassigned to a PA resident, the VIN verification

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      Title: SKM_45818013109450 Created Date: 1/31/2018 9:45:40 AM

    • Top 100 dealership groups in the United States

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      Top 100 dealership groups in the United States Ranked on 2005 new-vehicle retail sales units Total Total Total Total Group revenue 2005 new retail used fleet Total number of all departments 2004

    • Used Car Buyers Guides - English - Consumer Information

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      BUYERS GUIDE. ASK THE DEALER IF YOUR MECHANIC CAN INSPECT THE VEHICLE ON OR OFF THE LOT. OBTAIN A VEHICLE HISTORY REPORT AND CHECK FOR OPEN SAFETY RECALLS. For information on how to obtain a vehicle history report, visit ftc.gov/usedcars. To check for open safety recalls, visit safercar.gov. ... Used Car Buyers Guides - English


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      PO Box 2649 VEHICLE DEALERSHIP LICENSE CHANGE APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS AND REQUIREMENTS Before completing any part of this application, make sure this is the most recent version by comparing it with the one posted on the Board’s website. This application and all required documents must be submitted to the Vehicle Board at PO Box 2649; Harrisburg, PA 17105-2649.