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      HIGHER EDUCATION PREPARATION COURSE Per Marine Administrative Message 093/16 (Rev 20170216) Per MarAdmin 093/16 (dated 20160223), all first-time Tuition Assistance applicants must complete the Higher Education Preparation Course hosted on JKO in order to be eligible for military tuition assistance. The effective

      military tuition assistance

    • HIGHER EDUCATION PROGRAM (HEP)(formerly College 101)

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      higher learning using military Tuition Assistance (TA). Training covered in the HEP course: choosing a career goal, determining an educational path to completing that goal, factors to consider when choosing an institute of higher education, and tuition assistance plus other forms of funding.

      marine tuition assistance program

    • MCCS Education Center

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      MCCS Education Center Camp Foster 645-7160 MCAS Futenma 636-3036 Camp Courtney 622-9694 Camp Kinser 637-1821 Camp Hansen 623-4376 Camp Schwab 625-2046 HEP Requirement for First Time Tuition Assistance (TA) Users Per MARAMDIN 040/16, effective 1 January 2016, “all first-time tuition assistance applicants [must] complete

      marines tuition assistance program

    • Marine Corps Web Tuition Assistance

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      •Anyone can access Web TA at the “MyEducation” website, but in order to apply, their Tuition Assistance records must be up-to-date as follows: • Active Duty Marine •EAOS has not occurred(N/A for Officers) •Must not owe for previously funded courses •Academic Counseling within the past year •TA Policy Counseling within past year


    • TA MARADMIN 687/14 and the website link: FY15 TUITION ...

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      tuition assistance, and comply with ta eligibility requirements in paragraph (p) below. per reference a, all marines are eligible to obtain one certificate from an academic institution during their career. (l) reimbursement will be required from marines if a successful course completion is …



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      –Tuition assistance for an academic degree, license, or certification Centrally Managed Civilian Leadership Courses (CMCLC) ... Applicants compete for USMC quotas to various leadership development programs Available at all levels, from GS-5 and up

    • Web Tuition Assistance (WebTA)

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      Web Tuition Assistance (WebTA) ... • Tuition is paid based on the data you provided: if there are any changes to dates, courses, or other information, your School’s request for payment may not be honored or you may be required to pay back the government.

    • Web Tuition Assistance (WebTA) - MCCS Okinawa

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      • Anyone can access WebTA at the “MyEducation” website, but their Tuition Assistance records must be upto- -date for them to apply. • If you are not current in these 9 items you are unable to use WebTA until you make corrections via your Education Office. Active Duty

    • Welcome to the New My Education Portal!

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      1 Welcome to the New My Education Portal! •If your school has entered their catalog and tuition rates into the Academic Institution Module, you will be able to use the search feature to automatically populates these fields. •Ensure your current education plan and required counseling is properly documented in your My Education account, and you have no other outstanding issues.

    • webTA Instruction Sheet

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      and 4) view the application agreement, which contains the rules and regulations for military tuition assistance. (My Training is for Sailors only; webTA User Manual is also available from this link) Create/Submit a Request for Tuition Assistance From the “Tuition Assistance” screen, select …