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      the vernal equinox occurs and, ac- cording to the solar calendar, spring begins. In Japan the day is called Shunbun- no-hi, or day of the vernal equinox. Shunbun-ncA1i is a national holiday, a day When, according to custom, the Emperor pays respect to his imperial fathers. Formerly there was a festival known as Shunki-koreisai. Now the

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      Vernal Equinox Day (national holiday) The week centering around this day is known as Higan, when all Buddhist temples throughout the country hold special services and people pray for souls of the departed offering flowers and incense at the tombs and altars. APRIL 8th Hana Matsuri or Buddha’s Birthday


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      Japan (specimens sent to Tokyo) 2019 2020 01 January 01 January New Year’s Day 14 January 13 January Coming of age Day 11 February 11 February National Foundation Day 23 February Emperor’s Birthday 24 February Emperor’s Birthday (observed) 21 March 20 March Vernal Equinox 29 April 29 April Showa Day 30 April Coronation Day holiday 01 May ...

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      Japan (日本) The characters that make up Japan's name mean "sun-origin," which is why Japan is sometimes referred to as the "Land of the Rising Sun." Japan is an island nation located off the northeast coast of mainland Asia. The archipelago is composed of four main islands: Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu, with over 6,000 smaller islands.

    • Monday March 20 = Vernal Equinox Monday April 17 = Easter Monday

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      Monday March 20 = Vernal Equinox Monday April 17 = Easter Monday Monday May 1 = Labor Day Wednesday May 3 = Constitution Day Thursday May 4 = Greenery Day Friday May 5 = Children’s Day Monday June 5 = Whit Monday Friday August 11 = O Bon Monday August 14 = O Bon Tuesday August 15 = Assumption Monday September 18 = Respect-for-the-Aged Day

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      leaves in the autumn, a journey to Japan is a wealth of unforgettable natural landscapes. In recent years, the powdery snow of Japan's ski fields has also been attracting international visitors. Geography The archipelago of Japan is separated from the Asian mainland by 160km (100

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      Embassy of Japan closes during weekends and the following holidays January 1 Tue. New Year’s Day** 2 Wed. New Year’s Holiday * 3 Thu. New Year’s Holiday * 14 Mon. Coming-of-age Day * February 19 Tue. Makha Bucha Day March 21 Thu. Vernal Equinox Day * April 8 Mon. Chakri Day (Substitution) 15 Mon. Songkran Festival Day 16 Tue.

    • Japan National Holiday 2019

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      Japan National Holiday 2019 JAN 01 TUE New Year's Day JAN 14 MON Coming-of-Age Day FEB 11 MON National Foundation Day MAR 21 THU Vernal Equinox Day APR 29 MON Showa Day APR 30 TUE Emperor Akihito’s Abdication Day MAY 01 WED New Emperor Naruhito’s Accession Day MAY 02 THU National Holiday MAY 03 FRI Constitution Memorial Day

    • Before any military member is granted liberty off ...

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      Vernal Equinox Day Golden Week Holidays Marine Day Respect for the Aged Day Autumnal Equinox Day Culture Day Labor Thanksgiving Day Emperor’s Birthday Holidays 1 January Seco nd Monday i January 1 February F irst day of sp ng 29 April, 3-5 May Third Monday in July Th ird Monday n S ept mber First day of fa l 3 November 23 November 23 December

    • ALL JAPAN 2018-19

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      JAPAN A LAND OF COLOURFUL HISTORY, CULTURAL CONTRASTS AND THE RISING SUN. All Japan Tours is a Japan travel specialist based in Sydney, Australia. With a strong background and expertise in all aspects of travel from airline ticketing and hotels

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