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    • On the definition of seasons in paleoclimate simulations ...

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      On the definition of seasons in paleoclimate simulations with orbital forcing1 Oliver Timm International Pacific Research Center, SOEST, University of Hawaii at ... Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology, Yokohama, Japan ... the vernal equinox is used as an anchor-point. The bias is estimated for tem-

      vernal equinox

    • Contact Us: Japan Foreign Policy News

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      Japan has 16 national holidays: The Emperor’s Birthday, New Year’s Day, Coming of Age Day, Foundation Day, Vernal Equinox Day, Showa Day, Constitutional Memorial Day, Greenery Day, Children’s Day, Marine Day, Mountain Day, Respect for the Elderly Day, Autumnal Equinox Day, Health and Sports Day, Culture Day, and Labour Day. In

      vernal equinox

    • ALL JAPAN 2018-19

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      Vernal Equinox Day Showa Day Greenery Day Constitution Memorial Day Children’s Day Maritime Day Mountain Day Respect for the Aged Day Autumnal Equinox Day Health and Sports Day Culture Day Labour Thanksgiving Day The Emperor’s Birthday 3. KYOTO SHIRAKAWA-GO TAKAYAMA ... Japan with some last-minute sightseeing or souvenir hunting. Tour ...

      vernal equinox

    • Osaka | Lufthansa ® Travel Guide

      leaves in the autumn, a journey to Japan is a wealth of unforgettable natural landscapes. In recent years, the powdery snow of Japan's ski fields has also been attracting international visitors. Geography The archipelago of Japan is separated from the Asian mainland by 160km (100

      spring equinox

    • e-lesson - Inside Out

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      1. Vernal equinox . This week’s lesson is about the first official day of spring, which this year fell on 20. th. March, and its history and traditions. Level . Upper intermediate and above (equivalent to CEF level B2 and above) How to use the lesson. 1. As a warm up, ask your students whether they have noticed the days getting longer and warmer.

      vernal equinox

    • External Holiday Calendar 2019 for AB Luxembourg domiciled ...

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      Japan Strategic Value Portfolio China Bond Portfolio (LUX - HK - SHA - SHE BANKS only) ... Thursday, March 21, 2019 VERNAL EQUINOX DAY HOLIDAY Monday, April 01, 2019 ANNUAL CLOSING OF ACCOUNTS Friday, April 05, 2019 CHING MING FESTIVAL Wednesday, April …

    • The Calendar of Village Festivals: Japan*

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      calendar. Shunbun, the vernal equinox, and Shubun, the autumnal equinox, are marked as Higan on the official calendar and are legal holi­ days. But Higan lasts for seven days, the dates observed as holidays being the middle days of those weeks. The sexagesimal calendar, also introduced from China, is a cycle of ten trunks 干 and twelve twigs ...

    • On the definition of seasons in paleoclimate simulations ...

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      are marked by the vernal equinox (VE), summer solstice (SS), autumnal equinox (AE), and winter solstice (WS). The position of Sun and Earth are marked with S and E, respectively. At the indicated true longitude position l the Earth is closer to the Sun in Figure 1b than in Figure 1a. For a given time interval

    • Embassy’s Holidays 20 9 -japan.go.jp

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      Embassy of Japan closes during weekends and the following holidays January 1 Tue. New Year’s Day** 2 Wed. New Year’s Holiday * 3 Thu. New Year’s Holiday * 14 Mon. Coming-of-age Day * February 19 Tue. Makha Bucha Day March 21 Thu. Vernal Equinox Day * April 8 Mon. Chakri Day (Substitution) 15 Mon. Songkran Festival Day 16 Tue.

    • From Uniqlo to NGOs: The Problematic “Culture of Giving ...

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      From Uniqlo to NGOs: The Problematic “Culture of Giving” in Inter-Disaster Japan Jennifer Robertson In Japan, March is the month when the “awakening of insects” (keichitsu) and the vernal equinox (shunbun) are observed, the latter a national holiday. March is …


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      When the sun is at mid-day (Nim Rooz) position over 63 degrees longitude, the whole hemisphere from Japan and Australia to Europe and Africa has sunlight. (Mehr Yasht 103-4) Zarathushtra also calculated that in the year 1725 BCE at the time of the vernal equinox the sun would rise at Balkh where he lived

    • 413930 FedEx 2019 JP Final 08

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      Japan Public Holidays 2019 Jan 1 New Year's Day Jan 14 Coming of Age Day Feb 11 National Foundation Day Mar 21 Vernal Equinox Day Apr 29 Showa Day May 3 Constitution Memorial Day May 4 Greenery Day May 5 Children's Day May 6 Children’s Day (holiday in lieu) Jul 15 Marine Day Aug 11 Mountain Day Aug 12 Mountain Day (holiday in lieu)

    • HOLIDAYS 2019 -japan.go.jp

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      Embassy of Japan in Barbados 1. Jan. 01st (Tuesday) New Year’s Day 2. Jan. 02nd (Wednesday) New Year Holiday 3. Jan. 03rd (Thursday) New Year Holiday 4. Jan. 21st (Monday) Errol Barrow Day 5. Feb. 11th (Monday) National Foundation Day 6. Mar. 21st (Thursday) Vernal Equinox Day 7. Apr. 19th (Friday) Good Friday 8.

    • Japan Last Updated: January 2, 2013** edEx Express Only

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      Japan Last Updated ... January 2, 2013** HOLIDAY NAME DATE PICK-UP DELIVERY Vernal Equinox 3/20/2013 X X Showa-No-Hi 4/29/2013 X X Constitution Day 5/3/2013 X X Greenery Day 5/4/2013 X X Children’s Day 5/5/2013 X X Substitute Holiday 5/6/2013 X X Marine Day 7/15/2013 X X Respect for the Aged Day 9/16/2013 X X Autumnal Equinox Day 9/23/2013 X ...

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