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  • vocabulary worksheets for adults


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      Peterson’s Master TOEFL Vocabulary, used as a self-tutor, will help you improve your vocabulary skills. You’ll learn many of the “right” words—words you don’t already know but that are likely to appear on your test. • Top 10 Strategies to Raise Your Score gives you test-taking strategies.

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    • Functional Vocabulary for Adolescents and Adults #3

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      Receptive€Vocabulary Name€each€picture€the€client€points€to. 1.Point€to€the€apron€(pan,€batter,€hairnet,€dough,€gloves).

      college vocabulary worksheets adults

    • Vocabulary Bingo - Columbia University

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      Vocabulary Bingo This unusual version of Vocabulary Bingo stimulates student-directed learning processes by asking the students to (1) choose the vocabulary words, (2) create their own unique Bingo cards, and (3) invent the game clues using synonyms, antonyms, and fill-in-

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    • Adult Education Teacher Resources

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      Vocabulary University Fun and interactive activities that assist students in learning such as vocabulary fundamentals and root words. Link The Internet Public Library This is a free online public library with references, books, stories, and newspapers from all over the world. Link Smithsonian Online All types of reading resources and

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    • Vocabulary Lesson Classroom Ideas - University of Missouri

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      Compiled by Rebecca S. Martinez, Ph.D. rsm@indiana.edu Page 1 of 4 20 Vocabulary Lesson Ideas 1. Anything Goes (Richek & McTague, 2008) • This is used as a quick review of words that moves students from hesitation to rapid use.

      printable activity worksheets adults

    • synonym-antonym ready for pdg

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      Synonym Worksheets 1-10 Antonym Worksheets 11-20 Synonym and Antonym Worksheets 21-30

    • Learnenglishfeelgood.com ESL WORKSHEETS

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      Learnenglishfeelgood.com ESL WORKSHEETS Topic: COMMONLY CONFUSED WORDS 1 | Level: ADVANCED Below you'll find pairs of words that are commonly confused in writing. Choose the correct response to complete each of the sentences:

    • 1. Check your vocabulary: picture matching - British Council

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      Vocabulary: Food Do these exercises to help you learn words for food. 1. Check your vocabulary: picture matching Write the correct word s in the boxes below the pictures. pizza ice cream meat vegetables egg chocolate sugar fish rice cheese bread biscuit

    • People Vocabulary

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      Note: Permission is granted to reproduce this ESL worksheet for non-commercial use. Visit us online at www.elcivics.com for more free ESL and EL Civics lesson activities.


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      Adults Alphabetics Fluency Vocabulary Comprehension. to Teaching Adults Authors Mary E.Curtis and John R.Kruidenier A SUMMARY OF SCIENTIFICALLY BASED RESEARCH PRINCIPLES. This publication was produced under National Institute for Literacy Contract No.ED-03-CO-0026 with

    • Paul M. Insel • Walton T. Roth - Substance Abuse and ...

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      WELLNESS WORKSHEETS Twelfth Edition Paul M. Insel • Walton T. Roth The 126 Wellness Worksheets in this package are designed to help students become more involved in their own wellness and better prepared to implement behavior change programs. They include the …

    • Vocabulary Builder Grade 4 - Essential Skills

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      Worksheet - Vocabulary Builder Grade 4 HOMOPHONES www.essentialskills.net 1.800.753.3727 Circle the correct word to complete each sentence. He placed an ad / add in the paper for his garage sale. Do you want to go to the beach / beech this weekend? The floor went creek / creak went he stepped on it. I told my father that he would be mist / missed when he was gone.

    • Understanding your skills and talents - Macmillan life skills

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      Lesson 4: Understanding your skills and talents by Emma Sue Prince Age Teenagers / Adults Level Pre-Intermediate + Time 60 - 90 mins Aim To practise functional language for discussing skills and talents. To recycle vocabulary for interests and hobbies and introduce new vocabulary. To raise awareness of own skills and talents.


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      11/2015 Solve application problems using whole numbers. Correctly apply the order of operations. Express numbers using exponents. Distinguish between prime and composite numbers. Give the prime factorization of numbers. Find the Lowest Common Multiple of two numbers. 1. What place value does 3 have in 4,235,100? 2. Which digit is in the thousands place in 4,968,123?

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