Voluntary separation army 4187

    • ENLISTED CHAPTER 5-16: School Drop Checklist - U.S. Army Garrisons

      Separation Date: Phone: Email: @mail.mil ... Received Date: REQUIRED DOCUMENTS . Signed DA Form 4187 (Must be signed by approval authority IAW AR 635-200, Para 1-19) Letter from University/School. Must state the following: - Acceptance of enrollment - Full Time Status ... Army Memorandum Format Author: SamalaGA

    • [PDF File]Personnel Separations Separation Processing and Documents


      o Updates to include the expanded mobilization authorizations under Title 10 United States Code for Army National Guard Soldiers (para 5–1. e). o Clarifies the mandatory statements in block 18 for completion of first full term of service ... personnel for separation and preparation of separation documents. 1 – 2. References and forms: See ...

    • Post 9/11 GI Bill (PGIB) Transfer of Education Benefits (TEB ...

      post911gibill@army.mil, and Enlisted must attach DA Form 4187, Personnel Action, for voluntary retirement/separation, and Officer/Warrant Officer must attach Retirement/UQR memo. Both DA Form 4187 (Enlisted) and Memo (Officer/Warrant Officer) must be endorsed by the first O-6 Commander (or GS-15/Civilian equivalent) in the Chain of Command:

    • [PDF File]***REQUIREMENTS FOR ALL SEPARATIONS - US Army Combined Arms Center


      recommending separation due to diagnosed medical condition. [ ] PTSD Screen by ABH complete if Soldier has deployed (check ERB) [ ] Office of the Surgeon General Memo if Soldier had deployed (check ERB) [ ] Separation Health Assessment [ ] Counseling (DA Form 4856) [ ] Signatures of SM and Cdr [ ] Assessment complete

    • [PDF File]RETIREMENT CHECKLIST - U.S. Army Garrisons


      DA Form 4187/4187-1-R (Must be signed by O6 or higher) (Enlisted) DA FORM 2339 (Enlisted) Sexual Assault Memorandum Voluntary Retirement Request Chain of Command Endorsement DD Form 7301 Officer Sexual Assault Memorandum Initial Enlistment contract (DD Form 4-1 & 4-3 only) All reenlistment contracts (DD Form 4-1 only,

    • Enlisted DA Form 4187 example - U.S. Army Garrisons

      DA FORM 4187, JAN 2000 PREVIOUS EDITIONS ARE OBSOLETE HAS BEEN VERIFIED APD PE v1.00ES AUTHORITY: PRINCIPAL PURPOSE: DISCLOSURE: Title 5, Section 3012; Title 10, USC, E.O. 9397. ROUTINE USES: To initiate the processing of a personnel action being requested by the soldier. 5. GRADE OR RANK/PMOS/AOC 6. SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER Special Forces ...



      SUPERSEDES DA FORM 4187, JAN 2000 AND REPLACES DA FORM 4187-1-R, APR 1995 . DA FORM 4187, MAY 2014. HAS BEEN VERIFIED. AUTHORITY: PRINCIPAL PURPOSE: DISCLOSURE: Title 10, USC, Section 3013, E.O. 9397 (SSN), as amended. ROUTINE USES: The DoD Blanket Routine Uses that appear at the beginning of the Army's compilation of systems of records may

    • [PDF File]Volume 7A, Chapter 35 - U.S. Department of Defense


      8.4 Updated the Ineligibility for Voluntary Separation Pay. Revision 8.8 Update the payment of Voluntary Separation Pay. Revision 8.11.3 . Added a provision of recoupment for Voluntary Separation Pay and renumbered subsequent subparagraphs accordingly. Addition : 9.0 . Updated the Voluntary Retirement Incentive concluded December 31, 2018. Revision


      Separation Date: Phone: Email: @mail.mil S1 Information: Name/Phone/Email Received Date: REQUIRED DOCUMENTS Signed DA Form 4187 (Must be signed by approval authority IAW AR 635-200, Para 1-19) Statement of Counseling (Signed by Soldier) (See AR 635-200, Figure 8-2) DD 2807-1 – Report of Medial History

    • DA Form 4187, Jan 2000 - MCoE

      Army Human Resources Command ATTN: Knox-HRC-EPF-MR Fort Knox, KY 41121 Military Personnel Division Unit Command Information ATTN: IMBE-HRM-OR Fort Benning, GA 31905 Request for Voluntary Retirement 1. IAW AR 635-200, Chapter 12, I request voluntary retirement effective (dd/month/yyyy)_____. ... DA FORM 4187, JAN 2000 PREVIOUS EDITIONS ARE ...

    • [PDF File]PERSONNEL ACTION - Campbell University


      US Army Human Resource Command ATTN: KNOX-HRC-EPF-A 1600 Spearhead Division Ave Fort Knox, KY 40122 ... at least two years of active duty service at the time of separation (Scholarship) or school start date (ADO) to be eligible to apply for the Green to Gold Program. ... DA FORM 4187, JAN 2000 PREVIOUS EDITIONS ARE OBSOLETE COPY 1 to

    • What You Should Know About Chapter 5, AR 635-200 - U.S. Army Garrisons

      before the separation authority makes a final decision regarding separation. Additionally, Soldiers with at least 6 years of active and/or reserve service are entitled to an Administrative Separation Board. All Soldiers pending Chapter 5 separation should consult with an attorney before making any decisions concerning the Chapter 5 separation.

    • [PDF File]Retirement Services Program - Army Publishing Directorate


      o Updates references to the U.S. Army Human Resources Command Reserve Retirements Branch to the U.S. Army Human Resources Command Gray Area Retirements Branch (RPMD – ROR – GAR) (throughout). *This regulation supersedes AR 600–8–7, dated 18 January 2017.

    • [PDF File]Army National Guard and Reserve Enlisted Administrative Separations


      Voluntary separation of Soldiers on indefinite re-enlistments • 4 – 4, page 58 Characterization of service • 4 – 5, page 59 Separation authority • 4 – 6, page 59 Chapter 5 Selected Changes in Service Obligations, page 59 Basis • 5 – 1, page 59 Reduction in authorized strength of the U.S. Army Reserve or Army National Guard of ...



      The Army provisions, set out in AR 635-00, section 6-6.a, seem to be written for Soldiers who are on leave when they discover the need for discharge, but should be applicable to members at their parent commands or on deployment. Soldiers may ask the local command that they be attached there while applications are prepared and processed.

    • [PDF File]Officer Assignment Policies, Details, and Transfers


      o Clarifies that officers will remain on station for the maximum number of years possible in accordance with Army requirements and consistent with force stabilization rules (para 1–12: b). ... Voluntary branch transfers • 4 ... Requests for individual deletion or deferment are initiated using a DA Form 4187 (Personnel Action) along with ...



      Army Regulation (AR) 600-8-10 (Leaves and Passes), 15 February 2006, ... covered Soldiers may submit a DA Form 4187 (Personnel Action) with ... will be forfeited if unused at separation from ...

    • ENLISTED CHAPTER 16-2 Early Separation to Accept Commission - U.S. Army ...

      Early Separation to Accept Commission Name: Unit: Separation Date: Phone: Email: @mail.mil S1 Information: Name/Phone/Email Received Date: REQUIRED DOCUMENTS Signed DA Form 4187 (Must be signed by approval authority IAW AR 635-200, Para 1-19)

    • [PDF File]Personnel Separations Active Duty Enlisted Administrative Separations


      SUMMARY of CHANGE AR 635 – 200 Active Duty Enlisted Administrative Separations This major revision, dated 28 June 2021– o Adds additional statutory authority under Sections 1177 and 1214, Title 10, United States Code (paras 1–6n and 1–6o). o Implements Section 1177, Title 10, United States Code, which establishes that a medical examination is required

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