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      Words like including, such as, and for example, point out example clues. Examples: ... Synonyms are words with the same meaning. Examples: a. Flooded with spotlights – the focus of all attention – the new Miss America began her ... We knew he couldn’t hold out much longer, because he had been doomed from the beginning.


    • English Synonyms Sample

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      English Synonyms / Incomplete Sentences / Intermediate level # 1 (Answer Keys) Synonyms for adapt A1 This book is very difficult for children aged ten, so I'm afraid you will have to adapt it.

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    • Explicit teaching of paraphrasing and synonyms will ...

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      like: big enormous. What other words did we change? Teacher lists on the board . little sick road These words are called synonyms. Do you have any questions? Teacher reviews the action again before finishing off. Let us look again at what we did. We read the sentence and then we thought of other ways to say the sentence.


    • Grades 4-7 64 cards for working with simple, compound, and ...

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      Grades 4-7 Addresses CCSS ELA-Literacy 5.1 Includes posters and handouts Recording sheets and answer keys provided 64 cards for working with simple, compound, and complex sentences.


    • Lesson 48 - National Math and Science Initiative - Home

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      Synonyms >> eccentric, peculiar, queer, unique Antonym >> ordinary When we go to New England, we like to stay in a quaint old inn that gives us the flavor of the area. 17. Derivatives >> quaintish, quaintly, quaintness refrain (noun) reh FRAIN a recurring phrase or verse Synonyms >> Antonym >>

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    • Search with Synonyms: Problems and Solutions

      baby and infant are treated as synonyms in many thesauri, but Santa Baby has nothing to do with infant . Santa Baby is a song title, ... In this step, we would like to get all syn-onym candidates for a word. This step corre-sponds to Aspect (1) to catch the general mean-ing of words in language. We consider all the

    • Synonym Lesson Day 1

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      Synonym Lesson – Day 1 I. Anticipatory Set: 1. Write the word “nice” on the board. Ask class what that word means. 2. Ask the class if they know of any other words that can mean the same thing as nice. Write some of those words down on the chalkboard. II. Objective: 1. Explain that those words are synonyms. A synonym is a word that has ...

    • Synonyms - SuperTeacherWorksheets

      Synonyms children taly begin damp done giant perhaps like pebble silly tidy chuckle Choose a synonym from the box to replace each underlined word. 1. Tommy liked watching the huge elephant at the zoo. giant 2. I tossed a stone in the lake. pebble 3. Carla knows so many funny jokes. silly 4.

    • Synonyms and antonyms

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      “A thesaurus. It’s like a dictionary but with synonyms and antonyms.” “We’ve got dictionaries, but none with…what did you say again?” “Synonyms.” “Oh yeah!” the clerk replied excitedly. “We’ve got cinnamon!” And we wonder why students have trouble with their vocabulary?

    • What Can Near Synonyms Tell Us?1 - ResearchGate

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      What Can Near Synonyms Tell Us?1 Lian-Cheng Chief*, Chu-Ren Huang*, ... We would like to thank Kathleen Ahrens for her detailed comments on several versions of this paper. We are also grateful to ...

    • Winmeen VAO Mission 100

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      To overcome these difficulties, we would like to share few tips and way to cover the full syllabus as per pattern. We also planned to go one by one from now onward. Part A of GE covers Basic Grammar and Part B covers Literature. This article deals with GE – Synonyms and Antonyms & Match the phrase and word with their meanings.