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      Jan 27 Science vs. Pseudo-science [Library reserve] Chapter 3 from Shermer’s 1997 book, Why people believe weird things: Pseuoscience, superstition, and other confusions of our time. Statement of commitment & personal information sheet. Quiz 1 Req’d ___/2 3 WED. Jan 29 Psychology as a science Chapter 2 Quiz 2 ___/2 4 MON

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      Whittaker (2012:7) further notes that, while quantitative research emphasises objectivity through scientific methods using numbers, counts and measures of things, qualitative research ‘seeks to ...

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      Jun 18, 2020 · Research a relevant social problem or issue in your city or community. Write an informed letter to your local or state elected official, outlining their views on the social issue or problem. Explain a specific action that can be taken by the official in addressing the issue or problem you researched; outline a plan of action to be taken.

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      Study Guide for Schwartz, B., Wasserman, E. A., & Robins, S. J. (2002). Psychology of Learning and Behavior (5-th ed.). NY: Norton. This guide is color keyed to likelihood that the material will be on the exams, with burgundy being Highly likely, dark blue being Possible, and light blue being Unlikely

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      - Criteria of Adequacy (from book, “How to Think about Weird Things: Critical Thinking for a New Age” by Schick, & Vaughn): for comparatively evaluating hypotheses to find the best explanation. Best explanation = hypothesis that does more to increase our understanding.

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      40. Leah’s parents came to the U.S. from China. Leah soon began to reject all things Chinese. She wanted to eat only American foods. When a classmate recently asked about the meaning of a small shrine to the Buddha that her parents had in the living room, Leah threw a blanket over it and mumbled that it was a “weird Chinese thing.”

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      plot of absorbance (at 650 nm) vs temperature (in oC) for a series of really weird things, showing a very good linear fit (R2 > 0.99). Place these captions in . Text . Box. es so that they can be grouped with the figure and moved easily. Ideally, reading the caption is the only thing that is necessary to understand the figure, which is why they ...

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      Personally, the first time I saw one of these weird things (the McDonnell Douglas installation at Gray Butte) while exploring in the desert, my reaction was "What-the-hell is this place??!" I have a pretty good mechanical aptitude. ... given that the storytellers seem to have done little research. All of the info that I collected is available ...

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      Paul Barnett: Okay. Heidi: But I can see on my end that people are responding, so we're getting responses in. I'll close it out, and we'll go through the results on the phone line. Yeah. That's one weird things about GoTo Webinar. [Pause from 00:13:35 to 00:13:40] Okay, …

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      The interesting thing is that for, and I will explain these things along the way, simple in the bottom right corner, you can use best. practices. There is good solid evidence, you are not going to get a whole lot of weird stuff that causes exceptions and in general you are going to either fully automate it, or you are going to use a human being.