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    • 2Q17 Quarterly Supplement

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      markets activity (Wells Fargo Securities was involved in some capacity on all transactions) partially offset by growth in the business Modest decline in Commercial Dealer Services. 2Q16 1Q17 2Q17 . Commercial Real Estate . Commercial Real Estate loans down $982 million LQ

    • City of Los Angeles Responsible Banking Investment ...

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      Small Business² In Los Angeles, California, Wells Fargo provided 15,600 small business loans, extending $619.5 million in credit. • Of that, 4,291 small business loans …

    • City of Philadelphia Office of the City Treasurer

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      small business space. However, Wells Fargo continues to be the largest lender in the City. Over 32% of loans made to businesses with less than $1 million in revenue were made to businesses located in low and moderate income areas. Wells Fargo’s Community …

    • Commercial Real Estate Financing

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      Fee type Fixed rate loans Prime-based loans CELOC Origination fee 1% of the loan or line amount – $5,000 maximum due at closing and can be paid from proceeds (50% off origination fee with a Business Choice Checking or Platinum Business Checking Account) Nonrefundable deposit Loans up to $250,000 require a $500 nonrefundable deposit

    • Frequently Asked Questions - Small Business Administration

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      a business needs. The Wells Fargo Small Business Index study found that the average small business owner uses about $10,000 as startup capital.5 The Kauff-man Firm Survey, which consists mostly of high-tech firms, found that startup capital averages $80,000 a year, and it consists of debt and equity. However, about one-third of new nonemployer

    • June 2019 7a Loans Lender # Loans $ Loans

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      Lender # Loans $ Loans U.S. Bank, National Association 64 $8,357,000 Wells Fargo Bank, National Association 32 $2,663,700 Nevada State Bank, a division of Zions Bancorporation, N.A. 22 $2,950,400 ... Newtek Small Business Finance, Inc. 11 $8,244,500 Independence Bank …

    • Wells Fargo 2016 Investor Day - Financial Overview

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      Small Business Loan Originations ($ in billions) 2015 Residential Mortgage Loan Originations ($ in billions; Source: IMF, FY15) (1) WFC commercial loans reflects Commercial and Industrial loans outstanding. (2) Based on 2014 CRA government data for loans less than $1 million. Peer data is as reported by Wells Fargo Bank N.A,

    • Wells Fargo 2Q15 Quarterly Supplement

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      Total average loans of $870.4 billion up $39.4 billion YoY and $7.1 billion LQ on broad-based growth Total average loan yield of 4.20%, up 1 bp LQ on higher swap income, PCI loan resolutions and loan fees - Core loan yield excluding the non-strategic/ liquidating portfolio was up 2 bps . Wells Fargo 2Q15 Supplement 6

    • Wells Fargo BusinessLine and Secured BusinessLine Loss of ...

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      Wells Fargo Credit Protection Department PO Box 348750 Sacramento, CA 95834-8750 We may end your participation in the program with no advance notice to you if: • yourBusinessLine account is closed for any reason • yourBusinessLine account becomes 60 days (2 billing cycles) past due; • you violate any of the terms and conditions

    • Wells Fargo: Serving Native American Communities …

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      Jul 24, 2003 · Wells Fargo - HUD 184 Leader! Wells Fargo Home Mortgage is the leading national provider of HUD 184 mortgage loans as well as the largest producer specifically on trust lands! Congress created the HUD Section 184 Indian Home Loan Guarantee Program in 1992, which authorized HUD to guarantee loans made by private lenders to Native Americans!