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  • west creek finance lease payment

    • Commission Update

      currently lease office space at Wappoo Creek (James Island) and Exec Hall Rd (West Ashley). We anticipate savings of about $100,000/year in our operating budget based on current lease rates. $3.75 million to reinvest at Palmetto Islands County Park. We currently have allocated $3.16 million to address needs and problems related to its age.

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      Highwood Golf and Country Club was incorporated under the Companies Act of the Province of Alberta on ... Included in equipment are assets under capital lease with a net book value of $403,571 (2009 - $504,588). During the year, the club recorded $101,017 (2009 - $126,147) in amortization expense related to these assets. ... Bank West loan ...



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      3.2 As additional consideration Tenant will pay to Landlord a monthly Lease payment of $500.00. Such payment will be made on the day of execution of this Agreement and on or before the 5th of each subsequent month. 3.3 The Rent payable to the Landlord shall increase on each anniversary of the


    • Land Contract - Devon Title

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      Seller’s Duty to Convey (c) Upon receiving payment in full of all sums owing herein, less the amount then due on any existing mortgage or mortgages, and the surrender of the duplicate of this contract, to execute and deliver to the Purchaser or the Purchaser’s assigns, a good and sufficient Warranty Deed


    • Iowa Attorney General - 2019 Paid Debt Collectors and ...

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      Iowa Attorney General - 2019 Paid Debt Collectors and Creditors/Assignees Company Class Appliance & Furniture RentAll, Inc. Assignees Appliance Plus of Oelwein dba Phone Connection Assignees Applied Data Finance, LLC dba Personify Financial Debt Collectors Applied Data Finance, LLC dba Personify Financial Assignees Aqua Finance, Inc. Debt ...

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    • Historical Mine Report Files c. 1900 - 1980 at The ...

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      Specie Payment Mine Clear Creek Specimen Mine Teller ... St. Anthony Lease Mines Company Montrose Miscellaneous "S" St. Elmo Mine Summit St. Elmo Queen Mining Company Chaffee Miscellaneous "S" ... Star of the West Mine Clear Creek Miscellaneous "S" Star Tunnel Clear Creek

    • 2018 Honda Civic Tour

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      Lease program. PURCHASE: $500 applied towards down payment. Offer not valid on Honda Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles or used Honda vehicles. Offer valid through March 31, 2019, and may be terminated at any time. [2] Verifiable proof of employment or firm commitment from an employer with start date no more than 120 days from date of finance contract.


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      The lease payment would not be paid until after January 1, 2018. ... stands for Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy. The program enables owners of eligible commercial properties to finance up to ... The West Logan Poperty was purchased in 2009 and is …


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      TIF Support Facility for purposes of (a) funding an inaugural availability payment to the Developer, (b) receiving a TIF 2 Shortfall Advance in any payment period in which there is a TIF 2 Shortfall, and ( c) receiving one-half of an Overal I Shortfall Advance in any payment period in which there is …

    • The New York City Municipal Water Finance Authority

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      The New York City Municipal Water Finance Authority. Esopus Creek S h a n d a k e nT u n n e l C a t s k i l l A q u e d u c t Chelsea Pumping Station ... West Branch Reservoir New Croton Reservoir Kensico Reservoir Neversink Reservoir Pepacton ... or provision for payment has been made. The Lease requires the Board to make a

    • COMMONWEALTH OF THE BAHAMAS Ministry of Finance

      COMMONWEALTH OF THE BAHAMAS Ministry of Finance Draft Value Added Tax Bill November 2013 The drafts of the Value Added Tax (VAT) Bill and Regulations are being released to expand the ... finance lease as determined by criteria prescribed in ... “Hawksbill” means the Hawksbill Creek Agreement scheduled to the Hawksbill Creek, Grand Bahama ...


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      • West Tennessee River Basin Authority Bill Avant ... Landlord at least 120 days prior to the date the termination becomes effective with payment of a termination fee. Minutes: 01/22/2018 Approved a lease. ... issue of Dyer Creek floodingwhich is impacting approximately 25+ homes.


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      * The Preliminary Draft Recognized Obligation Payment Schedule (ROPS) is to be completed by 3/1/2012 by the successor agency, and subsequently be approved by the oversight board and audited by the County. ** All total due during fiscal year and payment amounts are projected.

    • Foundation Wind Energy-I Limited (FWEL-I) -west-2 ...

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      company’s forward lease agreement with Islamic Development Bank (IDB) worth $ 64.9m and Rs. 3.0b musharakah finance facility provided by a consortium of National Bank of Pakistan (NBP), Faysal Bank Limited and United Bank Limited (UBL) for financing the FWEL-1 project in FY15.

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