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    • Grade 4 National Vocabulary List - ReadingKEY Free

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      question similar to the one below: “Can someone figure out some of these words and say what category they are in? Once you get the correct answer, give them a little praise and briefly discuss something of importance or interest about the category. The next step of the teaching phase is to teach each word one at a time. The key here,


    • D Interaction Are you a people person? Getting together

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      to the correct question. a Do you spend a lot of money? b Do you talk about your private life? c Do male and female colleagues socialize together? d Do you play sports or play games together? e Do you go home late? Grammar: Present simple: questions ( yes/no) 5 Read the information in the table. 6 Work in pairs. Talk about the times when you ...

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    • Computer Gaming lesson plan - British Council | BBC

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      computer games quiz With very low levels go through and check their understanding of the ‘wh' question words before you start. (What, when, who, where, why, which etc.) Focus on question formation and check each group’s questions. If you have done task 3 with your class and they seem to be real gamers, put them into

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    • Questions and Statements

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      A question is a sentence that asks something. A question ends with a question mark (?). A statement is a sentence that tells something. A statement ends with a period (.) Read each sentence below and decide if it is a question or a statement. Fill in the blank with the correct punctuation. 1. The ocean is big. 2. Is the sky blue ? 3.


    • Ups and Downs: An activity to practice intonation patterns

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      Wh-questions usually have falling intonation, as do simple sentences. Compound and complex sentences often have a low-rise pattern in the first clause and falling intonation in the second. Step 2 – Copy and cut out all the statement cards. (See next page.) If you have a large class, make duplicates and have students do this activity in groups.

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    • Reading Comprehension Worksheet - force - grade 3 - Free ...

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      Online reading & math for K-5 ... “I guess this is one reason that people make rules for games,” said Raymond. “We could still be playing if we had agreed on the rules with Nevaeh before we played.” ... Answer each question: 1. Recount the story in your own words. 2. …

    • Unit of Study: Asking Questions - wayland.k12.ma.us

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      An unanswered question is a fine traveling companion. It sharpens your eye for the road. Asking Questions Page: 1 . Prior Knowledge: What prior knowledge about reading strategies do students need to have before entering this unit of study? Retelling Monitoring of meaning. Making connections ...

    • Negative Statements and Questions

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      E. Please change thefollowing statements into wh-questions. 1. The owner of the building sent a letter to his tenants last month. Answers will vary. 2. The victim of the accident testified at the trial yesterday. Answers will vary. 3. The new movie will open next week at a theater in Westwood. Answers will vary. 4.


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      Social Skills . Starting a Conversation with a New or Unfamiliar Person . Step 1. Choose the right time and place. Step 2. ... Ask a question about something you would like to know about. Step 3. Judge whether the person is listening and is interested in pursuing the conversation.

    • Emotion Card Games - Northside Independent School …

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      The question card gives the player a problem to solve, question to answer or activity to perform based on the particular emotion word.. (See examples on pages 2 and 3) Activity 3: Using only the deck of Emotion Word Cards, have the players follow the directions on card 45. This is an engaging activity all by itself without the other Question Cards.

    • Worksheet - Questions with do/does - Answers

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      englisch-hilfen.de – LEARNING ENGLISH ONLINE . Worksheet - Word order in questions with do/does . Answers:

    • Listening and Speaking Activities for Adult ESL Learners

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      to form a question for each of the six Wh- information question words. The first member answers the follow-up questions, elaborating on the story as initially told. Members of the pair switch roles so each person has a chance to tell a story and answer questions and each person has a …

    • Measurable Language Goals Updated 4/07 - The Speech Stop

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      sentence structure using descriptive words, correct verb forms, plural forms, and wh- interrogative forms during structured activities with 90% accuracy and minimal cuing. Will be able to describe story characters, objects, pictures and other age-appropriate ... Microsoft Word - Measurable Language Goals_Updated 4/07.doc

    • Question Answer - Homepage | Williamsburg-James City ...

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      Question Answer The Westing Game What direction does Sunset Towers face? East and has no towers, but it has 5 empty floors The Westing Game Which Great Lake does Sunset Towers face? Lake Michigan The Westing Game On what day did a boy deliver letters signed by Barney Northrup? Fourth of July The Westing Game How old was the delivery boy? 62

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