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  • what does 2000 odds means

    • 11 Logistic Regression - Interpreting Parameters

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      We estimate that the odds of an Ag+ individual (IAG=1) surviving at least a year to be 12.42 times the odds of an Ag- individual surviving at least one year. We are 95% confident the odds ratio is between 1.465 and 105.35. How does this compare with the unadjusted odds ratio?

    • A Report of the Surgeon General How Tobacco Smoke Causes ...

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      How Tobacco Smoke Causes Disease: What It Means to You...what it means to YOU If you quit a pack-a-day habit, you will save about $2,000 per year by not buying cigarettes. That would buy a family vacation or down payment on a car. You can beat addiction to nicotine. More than half of all adults who ever smoked have quit. So can you.


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      called the population attributable risk and when expressed as a percent, the population attributable risk percent. Calculating the population attributable risk percent allows you to determine what percent of an outcome could possibly be prevented if a risk factor were to be removed from the population. Attributable Risk and Attributable Risk ...


    • Chapter 3: What Does Research Say Adolescent Readers Need?

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      be at odds with the way reading has been taught in old-fashioned middle school classrooms, where dozens of students inch ... The second condition, access to books readers find fascinating, means increasing the range of texts that students access in ... Ivey and Broaddus surveyed close to 2,000 sixth-graders and discovered another

    • Does Electronic Monitoring Home Detention Program Work ...

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      Does Electronic Monitoring Home Detention Program work? 3 The issue of cost-effectiveness has accelerated the implementation of alternatives to formal penitentiary settings, and by doing so, both the criminal justice system and the selected offenders have benefitted from the modified sentencing options.


    • Does the Organizing Means Determine the Bargaining Ends

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      does exist, the card-check process appears to increase the odds of union certification and the likelihood that the union will get a first contract. However, our review of a limited number of successful union organizing cases suggests that the key variable in gaining

    • How to interpret a meta-analysis and judge its value as a ...

      598 Acta Orthopaedica 2007; 78 (5): 598–609 How to interpret a meta-analysis and judge its value as a guide for clinical practice Michael Zlowodzki1, Rudolf W Poolman2, Gino M Kerkhoffs3, Paul Tornetta III4, and Mohit Bhandari1 On behalf of the International Evidence-Based Orthopedic Surgery Working Group

    • Probability, Random Events, and the Mathematics of Gambling

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      Probability, Random Events and the Mathematics of Gambling Nigel Turner, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health James Powel, Siemens, Peterborough Probability theory originated in a supremely practical topic—gambling. Every gambler has an instinctive feeling …

    • Symmetry of Odds Ratio - Harvard University

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      Symmetry of Odds Ratio . Author’s Copy 2 presented taking the anti-log (exponent), which certainly does not appear symmetric about the point estimate. Therefore, we do not look at the CIs of OR to . intuitively. understand the spread of the CI, as we do in cases of sample means for example. However, that is NOT the end of the story.

    • Understanding the Odds Ratio and the Relative Risk

      (or 9 to 1 odds against). Assume that the second group has a 50% chance of mortality, equivalent to an odds of 1.0 (even odds). Most people would say that the latter group has it 5 times as bad ( 0.50/0.10). But the odds ratio has a surprisingly larger value of 9 ( 1.0/0.1111). The odds ratio and the relative risk will not always dis-agree by ...