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    • 5 Groundbreaking African Inventions in Technology

      Africa has through this method of education produced innumerable physicians and pharmacists who have not invented any new drug or diagnostic pattern, uncountable mechanical engineers who have not produced any automobile, many electronic and electrical engineers who have not invented any gadgets, many philosophers who have neither invented any ...

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      Where was the art of writing invented? Europe America China Africa-Kemet(Ancient Egypt) Bottom of Form. Question 3. Top of Form. Who is the true father of Medicine? Imhotep Hypocrates Newton Sacrotes. Bottom of Form. Question 4. Top of Form. The first calender known to man was found in Africa. In that calender how many days are in 12 months?

    • Cheikh Anta Diop and Two Cradle Analysis:

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      37 CFR 5.2 states that if an invention has been determined to be a matter of national security, the Commissioner for Patents has the right to keep the invention secret. Under the same rule, applicants are obligated to notify the Office of any related cases that the Commissioner has …

    • Contemporary Black Inventors

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      In that same year, 1960, were published two of his other works--the Cultural Unity of Black Africa and Precolonial Black Africa. Cheikh Anta Diop (with the placard) and his wife Louise Marie (in the right), demonstrating in Paris for African politicians' release 50s During his student days, Cheikh Anta Diop was an avid political activist.

    • Duxbury Public Schools / Homepage

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      Mandela was president of South Africa until 1999, when he decided to retire from political life. He is still very busy, however: even at the age of 87 he travels around the world to meet important politicians and give speeches. He is one of the most admired public figures in the world, and people always want to hear what he has to say.


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      Document #6: “Gustave Freensen: In the German South African Army, 1903-1904” This story is by a soldier in the German army telling of his experiences in the campaign againse the indigenous people of southwest Africa in 1903-1904.

    • Microsoft Word - South Africa History Apartheid.doc

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      Know the cause for a population explosion When iron was invented, people used the iron to. among the Bantu, and its effect on Africa. become much better at agriculture. The population. increased because there was more food. West Africa. became so populated that its people, the Bantu . speakers, spread south and east to populate Africa.

    • Review Sheet: West African Kingdoms

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      While the most celebrated intellectual literary tradition in Sudanic Africa is that of Timbuktu, little attention has been given to other centers of learning that thrived in other parts of Africa in which Hausa, Fulfulde, Wolof, Kanuri scholars and others developed rich …

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