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  • what is a fibroscan test

    • ECCQ Fibroscan® Referral (for Migrants and Refugees only)

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      Data are expressed as percentages or as mean ± standard deviation (range). Categorical variables were compared with the chi-squared test, and continuous variables compared with Independent Student’s T-test (parametric) or Mann-Whitney U test (non-parametric). A two-tailed p …

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    • Elastography - TARA

      Fibroscan® demonstration with the whole group. Using FibroScan® to assess liver fibrosis and interpreting results. 1 facilitator. 11:05 – 12:20 . Preparing for hepatitis C testing and treatment . Rotating clinic simulation . Groups will rotate through . ... What test need to be done.

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    • Fibroscan Business Case - NICE

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      FibroScan cannot be performed if your patient has ascites or is under 18 years of age. Reason for Referral: Baseline assessment of fibrosis: Re-Assess level of fibrosis (2-3 yearly)


    • Having a fibroscan

      Report Title: Business case for the purchase of a new fibroscan machine To be presented by: Executive Summary: Liver disease in the UK is growing at an alarming rate and there is an increasing need for early diagnosis of disease and the assessment of fibrosis to identify those patients with significant liver damage who will benefit from the early implementation of disease management programs ...

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    • Imperial College London

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      FibroScan is a novel non-invasive method that measures liver stiffness using both ultrasound and low-frequency elastic waves[14]. A recent meta-analysis showed that FibroScan had a good sensitivity, specificity and high accuracy for detecting liver cirrhosis[15].

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    • Microsoft

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      The Fibroscan® is designed for use in the assessment of liver fibrosis by quantifying liver stiffness, which has been shown to correlate with fibrosis, through the use of a shear elasticity probe. A shear wave, excited by a low-frequency vibrator with an ultrasonic single-element transducer, is …


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      Although the gold standard to stage hepatic fibrosis is by performing a liver biopsy with histologic analysis, noninvasive testing with ultrasound transient elastography (FibroScan TM) or blood test staging methods are widely used, acceptable, and more feasible. These methods include two of the following non-invasive tests for indirect markers ...

    • Purpose - NPAIHB

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      Fibroscan under 11kpa. Fibroscan over 11kpa. Blood tests can be taken by staff and venous access satisfactory. Take a dry blood spot test. Allow sample to dry and send to virology. Request on DBST on Ice and send to virology. Take venous blood test. Fill yellow and purple vacutainer and send to virology.

    • Referral to Hepatitis C Specialist Service

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      March 2010JEchosens Fibroscan ServiceResponse date 7/20/2016 by 0800 Eastern19104VA244-16-N-136807-20-201610N811219Department of Veterans AffairsNetwork Contracting Office 4JUDY ECHOLSjudith.echols@va.govCMJC VAMC3900 WOODLAND AVE.PHILADELPHIA, PA19104USAjudith.echols@va.gov. Echosens Fibroscan

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      45. Shaheen AA, Wan AF, Myers RP. FibroTest and FibroScan for the prediction of hepatitis C-related fibrosis: a systematic review of diagnostic test accuracy. American Journal of Gastroenterology. 2007;102:2589-2600. 46.