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      The concept of logical fallacy. My use of the term ‘logical fallacy’ is partly suggested by Whately’s distinction between logical fallacies and non-logical fallacies …

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      Logical Fallacies Jigsaw. ... Fallacy Definition Example(s) Anecdotal Fallacy also called Hasty Generalization or Jumping to Conclusions “I asked six of my friends what they thought of the new spending restraints and they agreed it is a good idea. The …

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      A logical fallacy is an inaccurate or intentionally misleading application of logic. It is important to be able to recognize logical fallacies to avoid being exploited or swindled by writers or speakers who want your money, your voice, or your vote.

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      ENG 1213: Logical Fallacy Study Guide. Kelli McBride. Match one of the terms below to the correct definition and example. Appeal to the Crowd. Arguing off the Point. Argument Ad Hominem. Begging the Question. Card Stacking. Circular Argument. Either/Or Fallacy. Faulty Analogy. Guilt by Association. Hasty Generalization. Non Sequitur. Post Hoc ...

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      A logical fallacy is an error in judgment or a faulty argument. People often use logical fallacies to trick and persuade others to believe a certain conclusion. People often use logical fallacies to trick and persuade others to believe a certain conclusion.

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      Definition: In informal logic, slippery slope is a fallacy in which a course of action is objected to on the grounds that once taken it will lead to additional actions until some undesirable consequence results. Also known as the slippery slope argument and the domino fallacy.Logical Form: If A, then B, then C, ... then ultimately Z! Example #1:

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      § DEFINITION Only Reason – identifying one valid reason, but ignoring the other possible reasons. Writers who state that there is only one reason for an occurrence, while ignoring the possibility of the existence of others, commit the only reason fallacy. No complex phenomenon can be reduced to one single simple cause.

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      6. _____This fallacy is committed when someone manipulates peoples' emotions in order to get them to accept a claim as being true. 7. _____a fallacy in which the premises include the claim that the conclusion is true or (directly or indirectly) assume that the conclusion is true.

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      Identifying and Challenging Logical Fallacies. Martin A. Kozloff . Introduction. This paper (1) reviews aspects of logical thinking; (2) identifies and describes logical fallacies (flaws in reasoning) that lead to erroneous conclusions; and (3) shows how to examine arguments to uncover and correct logical …

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      —writing or images that seek to persuade through emotional appeal rather than through logical proof; written or visual texts that describe or depict using highly connotative words or images—favorable or unfavorable—without justification. Purpose —the specific reason or reasons for the writing

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