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  • what makes a passionate teacher


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      useful teacher evaluation systems, this suggests support for the use of multiple measures to assess performance. It also reminds us that perfection is the wrong standard in teacher evaluation, because it’s impossible for any practical evaluation system to perfectly measure something as complex as teaching.

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    • Hiring Good Teachers: The Interview Process - NAESP

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      Hiring Good Teachers: The Interview Process Autumn Tooms and Alicia Crowe The small nuances of how you and your school are perceived in the interview process can make the difference in attracting high-quality teachers. “Hello, Mrs. Thomas. This is Kim Jones. I just thought I’d call and let you know that I was really pleased that you

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    • How to Become a SuperStar Student, 2nd Edition

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      How to Become a SuperStar Student, 2 nd Edition uideoo “Pure intellectual stimulation that can be popped into the [audio or video player] anytime.” —Harvard Magazine “Passionate, erudite, living legend lecturers. Academia’s best lecturers are being captured on tape.” —The Los Angeles Times “A serious force in American education.”

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    • II. DPAS II and the Delaware Framework for Teachers

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      highest standard. Teacher demonstrates a passionate commitment to the subject. 2d: Organizing Physical Space students, but the furniture arrangement Teacher makes poor use of the physical environment, resulting in unsafe or inaccessible conditions for some students or a serious mismatch between the furniture arrangement and the lesson activities.

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    • Letter from the Editor-in-Chief: What Makes an Excellent ...

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      essays are posted online, highlighting some of the values that an excellent teacher should possess. Probably the best source of answers as to what makes an excellent professor would be to ask both faculty and students, say via a Facebook posting. Reading many of these essays and talking to students, it is easy to see that several com-

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    • Literacy Leadership Brief: Creating Passionate Readers ...

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      Teacher monitor-ing of how quickly students begin working, the number of pages read, and even the number of books read by students, the class, or both, can all be used to monitor the effectiveness of indepen - dent reading and the classroom routines in place. Comprehensive literacy instruction makes room for students

    • On Rethinking Leadership: A Conversation with Tom Sergiovanni

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      makes the leader special is that she or he is a better follower: better at articulating the purposes of the community; more passionate about goals, more willing to take time to pursue them. conceptions. They even had different theories about how the world worked. So I began to get curious about what kinds of theories principals, superin

    • Passionate leader ship

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      passionate leaders do? We would like draw some of these ideas together as follows. First, passionate leaders articulate the vision. Passionate leader ship is about a deep-rooted belief in better opportunities and alternative outcomes. The ability to conceptualise those new futures and communicate them in a clear and concise way is vital.

    • Protecting the Profession — Professional Ethics in the ...

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      3 | Protecting the Profession — Professional Ethics in the Classroom Make no mistake about it, “ethics” is a loaded word. The mere mention of ethics, whether in political debates or casual conversations among friends, often results in a

    • Teacher’s Guide

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      Notes to the Teacher Teacher’s Guide ... decide which of the definitions in the box makes the most sense to replace the underlined word. Write that definition in the blank. Then, complete the final comprehension question or task. to faint or lose consciousness showing a passionate intensity rudeness, boldness to bring out of sleep abounded or ...

    • The Teacher Leadership Competencies

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      for the Teacher Leadership Initiative, an entirely new leadership development program for teachers passionate about leading the profession. Using these competencies, the initiative will help teacher leaders: • Explore the three pathways of teacher leadership, and understand how they