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  • what makes living things alive

    • Georgia Performance Standards Framework Kindergarten Unit ...

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      T-Chart to graph out random things that are living and non-living. Pictures can be used to list under the living or non-living sections of the graph. C. After list has been made ask what makes things living and non-living. Bubble those attributes around the chart appropriately. D.

      living things

    • KEY CONCEPT Single-celled organisms have all the ...

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      shared by all living things ... KEY CONCEPT Single-celled organisms have all the characteristics of living things. Living things come in many shapes and sizes. You can spot mushrooms in many places while walking through a for- ... Viruses are not alive. Sometimes it’s not easy to tell the difference between a living and a

      living things living things

    • Characteristics of Life - Advanced

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      Not all scientists agree exactly about what makes up life. Many characteristics describe most living things. However, with most of the characteristics listed below we can think of one or more examples that would seem to break the rule, with something non-living being classified as living or something living being classified as non-living.


    • The Six Characteristics of Life

      4. Living things have DNA •Living things need DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) because it controls all the characteristics and activities of an organism •DNA is a special molecule that contains the instructions for making proteins-a macromolecule Copies of DNA are passed down from the parent to the next generation. Adopting a parent’s

      pictures living things

    • Lesson 1: Misconceptions of Living vs. Nonliving

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      Lesson 1: Misconceptions of Living vs. Nonliving Introduction Instructional Outcomes Maine Learning Results: English Language Arts A1 (Reading): Students will use the skills and strategies of the reading process to comprehend, interpret, evaluate, and appreciate what they have read. Students will be able


    • How do living things get what they need to live and grow?

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      How do living things get what they need to live and grow? Lesson 1. Living Things and Their Needs. Lesson 2. ... a plant makes food. A _____ is a structure that . holds up a plant. leaf. Vocabulary. roots. stem. Roots. Parts of ... born alive. You are a mammal too! Name five groups of vertebrates. Main Idea. Fish, birds, amphibians,

    • Aristotle on the Soul

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      Since form is what makes matter a “this,” the soul is substance in the sense of the form (412a20) or essence (412b12) of a living thing. Here is Aristotle’s first answer to the question of what the soul is (412a20): The soul, then, must be substance as the form of a natural body that is potentially alive.

    • KEY CONCEPT Viruses are not alive but affect living things.

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      •Living things share common characteristics •Viruses are not living things NOW, you will learn • About the structure of viruses • How viruses use a cell’s machinery to reproduce • How viruses affect host cells KEY CONCEPT Viruses are not alive but affect living things. Viruses share some characteristics with living things.

    • Characteristics of living things - PBS Science Grade 7

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      What makes the dog alive ? 1. Living things have Cells 2. Living things Sense and respond to change 3. Living things reproduce 4. Living things have DNA 5. Living things use energy 6. Living things grow and develop Characteristics of living things . Every living things composed of - one or - more cells. Thus, cells are the basic unit of living ...

    • Do You Know Which Ones Will Grow?

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      Daily Task 15: You are now experts on living things. This story is fiction, but is based on true facts about living things. Use what you know about real living things to explain what makes this story believable. What does Bear do that proves he could be a real living thing? Use what you have learned to explain how you know Bear is living.

    • Is Yeast Alive?

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      To find out whether yeast is alive, we first need to think about what makes something alive. What are some characteristics of living organisms? To begin to answer the question, "Is yeast alive?”, you will test whether the grains of yeast have two characteristics of living things -- the ability to grow and the ability to use

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