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  • when to use then or than

    • Commonly Confused Words: Then vs. Than

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      Example 4: We will wait until then to call you. Than is often used as a conjunction. It sometimes comes after an adjective for a comparison. It can also connect one clause to another. Example 1: Carla is shorter than Christy. Example 2: He talks more slowly than Evan does. Choose then or than to complete each sentence. 1.

    • Greater Than, Less Than, Equal To- Worksheet 1

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      Topic: Greater Than, Less Than, Equal To- Worksheet 3 ANSWERS Use one of the following symbols to compare the numbers: larger >, smaller 11 3. 55 > 33 4. 24 < 89 5. 21 < 65 6. 81 > 28 7. 92 > 59 8. 12 = 12 9. 11 < 23 10 50 < 95


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      The use of a FIRST/THEN Board is the FIRST step to teaching the important skill of following a schedule. Teaching the FIRST/THEN Board A FIRST/THEN Board structures a child’s time into beginning steps that are manageable and clear. The two-step board teaches the child where and how to look for

    • If Statements and Booleans

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      first is less than the second. So for example, the expression (var < 10) evaluates to the value true if var is less than 10, and false otherwise. The < is an "operator" just like + and * – appearing between two values to compute something. Instead of "var" and "10", the comparison can use any int or double expressions, so for example we could ...

    • Than or Then

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      Than or Then Fifth Grade Vocabulary Worksheet Online reading & math for K-5 www.k5learning.com Complete each sentence with the word than or then. Than is a conjunction meaning in comparison to. Then can be an adverb meaning in that case, in addition; or a noun meaning a moment, specific time.

    • Than vs. Then

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      Than-is a way to compare two different subjects. Ex: She is smarter than I am. In this sentence “than” is comparing the speaker’s intellectual level to everyone else. Then- is used as a way to talk about a time in the past or in the future. Ex: I have a lot of homework to do by then.

    • Than/Then • • • • • • • • •Rules to Remember

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      Than/Then • • • • • • • • •Rules to Remember Rule: Use the word than to show a comparison. What do you have to know in order to teach your dogs tricks?. . . more than the dog What’s more amazing than a dog that can count?. . . a spelling bee Rule: Use the word then when you can substitute the words "in.that case."

    • The Proper Use of Then Than

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      The Proper Use of Then/Than Then (Draw your mouth back a little and “smile” as you say it.) Rhymes with when. and . been and fin. 1. At that time: •The olden days were much better because people knew how to act then. (at that time) •First we ate dinner, and then we went for a walk. (at that time) 2.