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  • why buy a house now

    • What Money Can’t Buy: The Moral Limits of Markets

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      now a billion-dollar industry. Twenty-seven states and the federal government have contracted with private companies like the Cor-rections Corporation of America to house their prisoners. In the mid-eighties when the trend began, scarcely a thousand prisoners occupied private prisons. Today, more than 85,000 U.S. inmates


    • What Plans Do I Need for a Building Permit?

      required for most building permits for work on a house or duplex. Your individual project may require more or less detail than described here. Please see one of our plans examiners in the Development Services Center (DSC) for additional information. After you begin work, you may decide to make changes to the plans that were originally approved.

      things before buying


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      IS YOUR LANDLORD IN FORECLOSURE? Important Information for Tenants . 1. What is foreclosure, and how does it affect tenants? Foreclosure is the legal process a lender, such as a bank, uses to repossess a home when the owner


    • 7 Rental Property Sins That’ll Put You in The Poor House

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      Then why do so many rental property owners struggle to make money? ... area for work, or inherited a house that owes more than it’s worth. The end result is they can’t . sell their property without taking huge losses, so they decide, with no knowledge or experience,


    • A Very Expensive Lesson In . . . . . . . Batteries 101

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      A Very Expensive Lesson In . . . . . . . Batteries 101 A Lament in Three Chapters originally published in the Western Road Runner, October 2005 and updated December 2006. The person that coined the phrase, “Lack of experience leads to bad judgment - bad judgment leads to


    • Frequent ly asked question s and answers about Smoke Testing

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      Smoke testing is the process of injecting artificially produced smoke into a blocked off pipeline segment to see where the smoke emerges. If the sewer is in good condition then the forced smoke will emerge from manhole lids along the line and house vents on the roof. If …

    • What is Credit Life & Credit Disability Insurance and ...

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      are already covered and you should not buy credit property insurance. Other things you should know about credit life & credit disability • You have the right to receive your policy within 30 days of purchase. • You might not be eligible for credit disability insurance unless you now work at least 30 hours per week.

    • P&B Memo #1 - ECFA

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      Housing for Your Pastor: Parsonage or Housing Allowance? 3 See next page for an illustration on how the retirement housing reserve can work. or calling into question its tax-exempt status. In order to have such status the assets of the corporation cannot accrue to the personal benefit of an individual other than as reportable compensation. Tax ...


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      single family house and your landlord rents out more than ten single-family homes in a county or more than four single-family homes in a city. Throughout this handout we will tell you what general rights you have as a tenant and specify if there are any differences depending on whether you are covered by the VRLTA. If you are not

    • Taxation of Owner-Occupied and Rental Housing

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      When a person buys a house and rents it out, he or she receives rental income from the tenant. If instead of renting out the house, the owner lives in it, no rent is paid from one party to another, but the owner-occupant receives the same value of housing services as the renter would have.

    • FLOOD ELEVATION FAQs: New Jersey’s Emergency Flood ...

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      FLOOD ELEVATION FAQs: New Jersey’s Emergency Flood Elevation Rule ... You are required to elevate and/or meet new construction standards if your house is located in a flood zone and was declared substantially damaged by your local floodplain administrator or is new construction. ... design flood elevation and provided the building stays ...

    • Caution About Cash-Out Be Aware! - MyFRS

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      Caution About Cash-Out Many people choose to cash out their retirement account and spend the money on today’s expenses. But cashing out is typically not in your best long-term interest. Here’s why: Your Investment Plan benefi t is intended to provide you with retirement income. If ... Now that your employment under the Florida Retirement ...

    • What You Need to Know When You Get Supplemental …

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      We suggest you take time now to read this booklet, and then put it in a safe place so you can refer to it in the future. If you get Social Security retirement or survivors benefits, you should read, What You Need to Know When You Get Retirement or Survivors Benefits (Publication No. 05-10077). If you get Social Security disability

    • Withdrawal of Retirement Contributions

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      What should I do now? Follow the steps below. Fully separate from DRS-covered employment in the system (such as PERS) you plan to withdraw from. You can’t withdraw from a system you still work in or are on a leave of absence from. Fill in and have notarized the Request for Refund of Retirement Contributions form at the end of this publication.

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