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  • why citing is important

    • The Importance of Citing References - Tod Roberts

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      The purpose of this tutorial is to explain the importance of citing references appropriately and correctly and how to avoid "on-line plagiarism." **The Perils of Plagiarism** Plagiarism is a serious offense! It comes in many forms, from direct quotes to summaries or paraphrases that do not cite authorship or reference to sources used to get the

    • Why Cite?

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      Why Cite? Citing Your Sources Is Important Here's Why... ì ;" £¹À;Ú¯Ê;pÓ¯ ;¹£p p¼ À© ; í ;G¼¯Ó À; Ó ª| ;¯ ;گʼ;¼ À p¼| ;

    • Why Citation Important

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      Why Citation is Important • To acknowledge and give credit to the work of others – And to avoid the risk of plagiarism, i.e., taking credit for words or ideas that are not your own • To enable readers to locate the sources you used – So the readers can evaluate for themselves the

    • Citing Sources: Why and How - National Archives

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      Citing Sources: Why and How . Jennifer Patterson Dondero . jennifer@jpgenealogy.com www.jpgenealogy.com . Why We Cite We cite a source so we can… find it again and evaluate its weight as evidence. Example of a bad citation: Finding a record again . How do we know this is a bad citation? • What if we are (or someone else is) at another library?

    • What is referencing? - Queen's University Belfast

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      What is referencing? When you are writing a piece of work and use someone else's words or ideas you must reference them. This means that you need to include detailed information on all sources consulted, both within your text (in-text citations) and at the end of your work (reference list). Why is it important? Referencing...

    • Why we cite, what we cite, how we cite

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      Why we cite, what we cite, how we cite Citations are an important currency in academic publishing. Success of an article or a publication is measured in the number of citations it inspires, so ensuring your own work is properly cited is of the

    • Why Kids Don't Like Social Studies. .gov

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      Why Kids Don't Like Social Studies. PUB DATE Nov 82. NOTE. ... content boring, citing that the information is too far removed from their experience, too detailed, or too repetitious. ... very firm in their reasons about why some subjects were more important than. others. Forty-eight percent of the students, with an even split between ...

    • What is Referencing and why is it important?

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      Referencing is important because it: Helps show that you have been thorough and careful (or rigorous) in your academic work Indicates what material is the work of another person or is from another source Indicates what material is your original work since you have provided a citation for work that is not your own

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