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    • Student Success in College: Creating Conditions that Matter

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      First and Foremost, Focus Everyone’s Attention On Student Success 9 Know your institution and know your students 9 Make student success everyone’s business ¾Mission matters ¾So does institutional leadership Creating Conditions that Matter

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    • Ableism: What It Is and Why It Matters To Everyone

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      Ableism: What It Is and Why It Matters To Everyone Devin Axtman, M.S., CRC, Student Services Coordinator, University of North Texas Office of Disability Accommodation

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    • Reasons for Going to University

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      goals in the field of their choice, and this is one of the reasons why they go to university. Another common reason for going to university is that a college education often leads to a better career in the future. In many countries, companies tend to look for

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    • Writing a Good College Application Essay

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      Writing a Good College Application Essay Most Important Think about your audience. Ask yourself, “How will this essay motivate them to admit me?” ... DO NOT WRITE ABOUT A MISSION TRIP OR A BOOK THAT EVERYONE READS . 5. Consider a creative approach to a standard prompt:

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    • Top Ten Reasons to Exercise and Be Physically Active

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      Everyone knows that if you study hard for a test, you will more than likely do well. The same concept applies when we say we are “getting into shape.” You have to build up your cardiovascular system through endurance activity in order to have an efficient circulatory system. Regular physical activity not only strengthens your heart muscle and

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    • Why is college important?

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      Why is college important? Education holds the key to your child's future. Education can help your child reach his/her life goals and dreams. Education will help your child choose what he/she wants in life. Here are 10 key reasons why going to college is important for your child: • E d uc a tio np esr.T hmy lg s, he/she will have.

    • Icebreakers, Team Building Activities, and Energizers

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      incorporate group activities, such as icebreakers, team building activities, and energizers. What is an icebreaker? The term "icebreaker" comes from "break the ice", which in turn comes from special ships called "icebreakers" that are designed to break up ice in arctic regions. And just as

    • College Athletes: What is Fair Compensation?

      COLLEGE ATHLETES: WHAT IS FAIR COMPENSATION? ERIc J. SoBoCINSKI* I. INTRODUCTION This article analyzes the current state of college athletics, considering its commercialization and exploitation of the student-athlete. It presents various proposed …

    • What Should I Major In?

      these skills, learned and practiced by nearly everyone in college, which are most likely to actually land you the job. This is the great college misconception. While having a degree usually makes it easier to find employment, the purpose of college isn’t to get a job. The primary purpose of college is to learn and grow as a person, explore your

    • A Mathematical Society

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      used in everyone’s daily life (2). It is my opinion that students should take math courses for the following reasons: the principle of math can be satisfying for everyone, every person should develop problem-solving skills, and math is required for everyday life. Students in high school and college are forced to take mathematics re-

    • Why and How Should the Government Subsidize Education?

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      Why and How Should the Government Subsidize Education? October 6, 2015. Human Capital Model To keep things simple and flexible, lets use the following version of the human capital model 2 periods everyone goes to school in the first works in the second. ... College is a “Risky” investment By publicly providing it we are helping pool the risk.

    • The Student Perspective on College Drinking

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      College student in NIAAA discussion group . Introduction . On February 8, 2000, Panel 1 of the Task Force on College Drinking convened a discussion group of 11 students, three from high schools and the rest from colleges and universities. The students represent both genders and a wide diversity of institutions in terms of type and size.

    • Are Too Many People Going to College?

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      Are Too Many People Going to College? By Charles MurrayFrom the Magazine: Monday, September 8, 2008 Filed under:Public Square America’s university system is creating a class-riven nation. There has to be a better way. To ask whether too many people are going to college requires us to think about the importance and nature of a liberal education.

    • College Planning for the High Functioning Student With …

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      COLLEGE PLANNING FOR THE HIGH FUNCTIONING STUDENT WITH AUTISM Lars Perner, Ph.D. NEW! Lars Perner's 2007 "Un-Holiday" Letter! Introduction For many high functioning individuals on the autistic spectrum, college can be about as close as you can get to Heaven on Earth (and, let’s face it, for the time being, the latter is where most of us are ...

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