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    • 1. Be Part of the “Global Conversation” and Be Ready for ...

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      WHY STUDY JAPANESE? TEN REASONS 1. Be Part of the “Global Conversation” and Be Ready for the Future: Sharpen Your Language Learning Skills In today’s world we all need to be skilled language learners, so why not begin with a language you are interested in and passionate about? This will make you

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    • 5 Non-Native Speakers in the English Classroom I

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      5 Non-Native Speakers in the English Classroom I. t's difficult enough trying to strengthen the language skills of students who have spoken English all their lives. The suggestions in this book have made sense to you, perhaps, and have opened up some new possibilities for teaching grammar to students who have been chatter­

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      Why are you studying and what do you intend to gain from it? Ask yourself this question every time you sit down to study. Half-hearted or distracted studying is a waste of time. Relate studying to your life goals. If your life and future depended on how well or how much you studied, would it make sense to do it well?

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    • Practise English on Your Own

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      to study together. Do exercises from your English class together or try some of the on-line learning websites recommended in this document. 5. Make an English club. Meet once a week or once a month with other English language learners. You could have a supper club or a movie club. You could go to a park, a museum, or just sit and listen to ...


    • Students’ Questionnaire: Why Do You Want to Learn English ...

      22) understand English-language films/DVD’s/videos 23) read English-language books 24) read English-language newspapers/magazines 25) read instruction manuals in English 26) surf the Internet 27) communicate via social media 28) understand English-language pop music


    • Topic #2: Why Study Statistics - Cornell University

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      Topic #2: Why Study Statistics? Hopefully, the discussion above has helped you to understand a little better what the terms measurement and statistics mean. However, you may still be wondering "Why do I need to learn statistics?" or "What future benefit can I get from a statistics class?". Well, since you asked -

    • Vocabulary and Its Importance in Language Learning

      theory so that you may approach teaching vocabulary in a principled, thoughtful way. It will also help you reflect on vocabulary teaching in your particular context and ways that you might improve your vocabu-lary teaching. Developing a Love for Vocabulary Learning Because it is a changing, growing reality, English vocabulary is chal-lenging.

    • What Is Your Most Compelling Reason for Teaching Grammar?

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      English today. The fact that it is not part of Stan-dard English has nothing to do with grammar and everything to do with culture and power. Grammar becomes a highly compelling subject for students when they can use their own language and play with it, recast it in other modes for other audiences than their immediate peers and family. This is true

    • Why Major in Linguistics (and what does a linguist do)?

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      If you are considering becoming a linguistics major, you probably know something about the field of linguistics already. However, you may find it hard to answer people who ask you, "What exactly is linguistics, and what does a linguist do?" They might assume that it means you speak a lot of languages. And they may be right: you may, in fact, be ...

    • Why Teach Vocabulary? ialty.com

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      • Provide explanations of how, when, and why to use context to figure out word meanings. • Provide guided practice in using context. • Remind students to apply the skill when reading on their own. You can also use activities such as the Word Wizard chart (developed by Beck, et al.) to make students aware of learning words in context.16 As you

    • Why spelling instruction matters • a checklist for ...

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      We recommend that you read Why Spelling Instruction Matters first. It ... and Fayol (2010) found in a longitudinal study that individual differences in spelling explained both word-level spelling and text-level composition ... the English writing system is complex and, therefore,