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  • why is asking questions good

    • Asking Effective Questions - Ministry of Education - Gov

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      In order to know what questions to ask to move the mathematical ideas forward, it ..... questioning, teachers equip students to be able to ask good questions of ...

    • Asking Questions: Cultivating the Habit of Inquiry - NEA

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      good question today?” Rabi's mother indirectly initiated him into the habit of inquiry that nurtured his scientific journey because she understood that the roots of.

    • Is Twitter a Good Place for Asking Questions? - CiteSeerX

      Abstract. People often turn to their social networks to fulfill their information needs . We conducted a study of question asking and answering (Q&A) behavior on ...

    • Question Asking as Program Generation - Semantic Scholar

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      well-formed programs recasts the problem of question asking as one of ... good question for the context in Figure 1B is “Do the purple and the red ship touch?

    • Questions That Promote Deeper Thinking

      are posed, many are memory-level questions that ask for factual recall, the least .... Ethical Reasoning: to identify what is morally right/ wrong or good/bad about ...

    • sports coach UK Research Summary 24 Asking Good ...

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      Asking Good Questions and. Games-based Activity. The questions a coach asks can have a major influence on how much their players or athletes learn. This.