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      your connection. Also, we listed so many because it’s not likely that each and every one will resonate for you—but for the ones that do resonate (hopefully a lot of them!), make a commitment to tell your partner that you cherish this quality in them. Don’t be like the Swedish farmer who loved his wife so much that one day he almost told her.

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    • Healthy Mind, Healthy Body: Benefits of Exercise

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      complicated physical processes that affect nearly every organ system. When you exercise several times a week or more, your body adapts so you’re able to do so more efficiently. Knowing about this process will help you understand why physical activity has so many benefits. Energy to burn Like all machinery, your muscles must have fuel.

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    • Important people - exercises - British Council

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      Do this exercise before you listen. Match the phrases with the correct definition and write a ... Important people – exercises . 3. Check your understanding: true or false Circle True or False for these sentences. ... Which other people have been important in your life? Vocabulary Box Write any new words you have learnt in this lesson.

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    • In this exercise I will share why it’s important to not ...

      In this exercise I will share why it’s important to not fixate on outcomes, But rather to stay present for whatever is happening, Even if it’s not what we want or like. mindfulness is not about having some special experience, whether it be of greater calmness, or relaxation, deep insight,


    • Is Diet More Important Than Exercise?

      importance, or is 1 more important that the other. YES S truggling to lose weight is a national health concern, although losing weight is an individual’s struggle as well. People are always looking for a magic pill, new exercise regimen, or diet to help with weight loss. Indeed, losing weight depends more on diet than exercise. Why?



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      MOVE IT! THE IMPORTANCE OF DAILY EXERCISE Today in class we talked about three reasons why regular exercise is so important: 1. Exercise is good for your heart. It helps your heart pump blood all through your body. Your heart can never take a rest, so it needs to be strong! Good food and plenty of exercise help. 2. Exercise can put you in a ...

    • Physical activity - it's important - Better Health Channel

      Physical activity - it's important - Better Health Channel Subject Just 30 minutes of moderate activity each day can improve your health and reduce the risk of developing certain conditions or diseases.

    • The Importance of Warming Up and Cooling Down

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      While it’s important to add exercise in to your long-term wellness plan, it’s also important to do it the right and the safeway. That’s why it’s so important to warm up before you exercise and to properly cool down afterwards. This will reduce your risk of an injury and

    • The Importance of Water While Exercising

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      Remember it is important to drink water before, during, and after exercise. Exact amounts of water needed will vary from individual to individual (gender, exercise environment, type of exercise, and intensity of exercise are all factors).

    • We Are Important

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      Firefighters are important because they help people. 2. Is there anyone who is not important? No, everyone is important. 3. Why are families important? Highlight the sentence that told you. Families are important because they take care of us. 4. Who else is important that is not on this list? Why? Answers will vary. 5. Share your opinion!