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  • why rules are necessary

    • November 21, 2010 Transcript - CBS News

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      Why has he said this is the highest priority right now? ... presented could not be used but the rules of the military commission which remember operate ... that this is necessary in the war ...

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      Face the Nation (CBS News) - Sunday, April 23, 2006 4 BURRELLE'S INFORMATION SERVICES / (202)419-1859 / (800)456-2877 Maj. Gen. BATISTE: One of the rules in the military is that you keep it very ...

      school necessary


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      negotiated the rules, but we'll take it. SCHIEFFER: Well, let's get right to it. Time and again during the debate, I asked Senator ... Why did Senator Kerry find it necessary to put her name into ...

    • March 15, 2009 Transcript

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      people who want to invest-- they want to know what the rules for investing are. ... why is it-- I understand that this is an extremely complex situation. ... it will be necessary to sell so-called ...

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    • Re: Senate Select Committee to Investigate Price ...

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      The Rules Committee approved the formation of the Select 1 See March and April 2001 reports by Dr. Anjali Sheffrin, Director of the Cal-ISO's Department of Market Analysis, and Dr. Eric ...


    • September 12, 2010 Transcript

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      found it necessary yesterday to underline just who are enemies are. We’ll talk with the first ... taxes for millionaires and cut more rules for corporations. ... Why, because, it’s going to be ...

    • Renewing America’s Promise - CBS News

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      Renewing America’s Promise ... rules of the road are both fair and vigorously en-forced For years, a lack of transparency created ... necessary to keep us strong and competitive in


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      Sen. DURBIN: Bob, there's a reason why they're bringing Vice President Cheney in to preside over this. It is an historic moment, and they want to break the Senate rules.

    • Fantasy University: Baseball

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      Fantasy University: Baseball Chapter 1 ... Baseball's rules are designed to be realistic - as close to the real thing as possible - so you'll live the thrills and heartbreak that go along with a full professional season. Why should you be playing Fantasy Baseball? Why should I play Fantasy Baseball? It's easy to learn and fun to play.

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