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    • History of Yule Celebrations - ThoughtCo

      • Yule (celebrates the Winter Solstice): December 21. st. In addition to these main festivals, most covens meet at each Full Moon and again at New Moon. These dates are not strict and rely heavily on particular covens and “Traditions.” Dress Requirements: • None. All information is extracted from the following sources. Wicca. (2013).

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      “Wicca is basically a fertility cult and its great festivals are geared to the seasons.” Key dates in the Wiccan calendar would include February 2 (Candlemas), March 21 (spring equinox), April 30 (Beltane), June 22 (summer solstice), August 1 (August Eve), September 21 (autumn equinox), October 31 (Halloween), December 21 (winter solstice).24

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    • Wicca - University of Missouri–St. Louis

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      Page 2 The Controversial Cauldron ~ Yule 2008 The word “s olstice ” is derived from two Latin words: “ sol ” (the sun) and “ sistere ” (to stand still). The Winter Solstice therefore means, “ Sun stands still in Winter ”. Yule marks the longest night and shortest day of the year, when the Sun

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    • Yule Traditions and History

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      December 21 Yule (Winter Solstice). February 2 Imbolc. March 21 Ostara (Spring Equinox). April 30 Beltane. June 22 Litha (Summer Solstice/Midsummer). ... Wicca is a diverse, decentralized religion that is part of the nature-based spirituality movement. Nature religions are rapidly re-emerging into public view after centuries of

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    • Lughnasadh (August 1st) also known as: Larnmas Samhain ...

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      Winter Solstice happens when your hemisphere is leaning farthest away from the sun, and therefore the daylight is the shortest and the sun has its lowest arc in the sky. When it is Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, the sun is directly overhead at noon only …

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    • Page 1 The Controversial Cauldron ~ Yule 2008 The ...

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      between a solstice and an equinox. ... Yule (December 21st) also known as: The Winter Solstice Im60 (Ueap Lesser Sabbats These represent the astronomical beginnings of the seasons. Their dates may vary by a day or two each year. Ostara (March 21st) also known as: The Spring Equinox

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    • WICCAN GUIDE YULE htpost.com

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      Pagan/Wicca: Yule - occurs on the date of the winter solstice. It is also known as Winter Rite, Midwinter, and Alban Arthan. Yule is celebrated on the longest night of the year, and it is seen by many as the time when the sun begins its journey back from the darkness to the fullest light, celebrated at the Summer Solstice.

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    • Yule 2010

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      • Wicca can be considered to worship two major deities: the Triple Goddess and the Great Horned ... – Litha (Summer Solstice) – Lughnassad (Harvest) – Mabon (Autumn Equinox) – Samhain (Spirits and Winter) • Represent changing of the seasons and agriculture. Wiccan Magic • Wiccanmagic makes extensive use of the five

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    • Witchcraft / Wicca Profile

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      "Today is winter solstice, we celebrate the birth of the sun, the divine child of the Goddess. This is the longest night, a time of dreams. A time to bring forth a dream, that can help us in the coming year." 9.Over the bowl of water, say: "Sacred water, you pass the …

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    • Religious Items Requirements for Membership Medical ...

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      summer solstice....(summer) jun 20 2024 451 pm edt - 2051 utc AUTUMNAL EQUINOX...(FALL) SEP 22 2024 844 AM EDT - 1244 UTC WINTER SOLSTICE....(WINTER) DEC 21 2024 421 AM EST - 0921 UTC

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