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    • 18-month interfaith calendar

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      Halfway between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox, celebrates the passage from winter to spring 3 Saturday Setsubun-Sai | Shinto Celebration of the traditional beginning of spring and the end of winter 4 Sunday Four Chaplains Sunday | Interfaith Commemoration of U.S. Army chaplains who gave their lives to save others during World War II

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    • Gardnerian Book of Shadows index n.net

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      of the Wicca religion. However, it is important to point out that there is no 'official' Book of Shadows. ... Winter Solstice The Eightfold Path or Ways The First-Degree Initiation The Second-Degree Initiation The Third-Degree Initiation The Witches' Chant or Rune Consecrating Tools

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    • Great Lakes P.S. s.org

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      Eve of December 20 to 21 – Yule/Winter Solstice in Wicca The Winter Solstice, or Yule, celebrates the rebirth of the sun to the earth, and the solstice itself is the longest night of the year. Yule is a time of awakening to new goals and leaving old regrets behind. Yule is celebrated by fire and use of a Yule log.

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    • Ms. Linda Doherty Religious Perspectives - Wicca Does it ...

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      Ms. Linda Doherty Religious Perspectives - Wicca 26 June 2013 . Does it offend you when someone wishes you a “Merry Christmas”? “As for Christmas. If you notice the date of Christmas is December 25th, the date of the winter solstice is the 21st of December. …

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      RESOURCES FOR EXPLORING WINTER SOLSTICE, 2010, ... Winter Solstice is but one of eight Holy Days in the Pagan Wheel of the Year, but for many, it’s the most beloved. ... Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner by Scott Cunningham. Most of all, keeping the solstice in your personal way should be

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    • Ritual Crime & The Occult (the New Youth Subculture)

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      Ritual Crime & The Occult (the New Youth Subculture) ... Winter Solstice (Feast) ... Ritual Crime & The Occult (the New Youth Subculture) This document is the intellectual property of Don Rimer. Reproduction of this document in any form without explicit permission from the author is

    • Satanic Rituals Spells

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      Winter Solstice and the Yule season, the shortest day of the year. December 25th is the birth date of the Persian God Mithra, and the Roman Holiday of Saturnalias. The tree, the decorations, baking, gifts and celebrating have NOTHING to do with the nazarene. These are …

    • Scarred, Scared, and Sacred: Celebrating Samhain The ...

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      Scarred, Scared, and Sacred: ! Celebrating Samhain! The Rev. Dr. J. Carl Gregg ! ... Hemisphere, toward Winter Solstice, the darkest day of the year? If you imagine the year as a circle, ... to Wicca, at age 15, was the holiday Samhain. As a whole, Pagans believe the soul continues after death. ...

    • Secret Of The Solstice Manuals Pdf

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      Society and assist with lantern making, festival activities, and the Dec 21 Solstice Manual Roque. Community Stage. wicca pdf free download 58 new files with wicca pdf found at 4shared. The special secret of this Throne is also ex Thoro III. Manual de la Bruja Moderna Wicca. Download Download Winter Solstice for pagans is a time of feasting.

    • What is Wicca? Wiccan practice, particularly magic, is ...

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      people refer only to the first two traditions as Wicca, using ‘Witchcraft’ for the others. History of Wicca Wicca began to emerge publicly in the early 1950s (after the repeal of the Witchcraft Act in 1951). It is widely accepted that Gardner, a retired civil servant, was responsible for the creation

    • Whispering Grey Matters 1 Yule 2006

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      Yule is a celebration of the winter solstice. It typically falls on December 20 or 21, but it may occur as late as December 22 or 23. It is a solar festival. Fire is often incorporated in the celebration. It is when the dark half of the year yields to the light half of the year. It is one of the eight sabbats or solar holidays.

    • Winter Solstice Gifts: Pentacles and Galaxies

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      Winter Solstice Gifts: Pentacles and Galaxies December 18, 2017 by Liz Fisher 262 shares ... Wicca. A settlement that was agreed on with the Veterans Administration approved the pentacle as an emblem of faith, an emblem that now graces nearly 80 markers and headstones. Read

    • Yule Pagan Songs

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      Angels know that winter’s nigh Turning seasons of the year See the old is passing by Bring the new one in with cheer. Gloria, celebrate the new year. ~ ... Come gather around the Solstice is here The old one is passing, begins the new year. ~ 5. Bring a Torch To: Bring a Torch, Jeannette Isabella

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      winter solstice, summer solstice, spring equinox and autumn equinox. These eight festivals make up the Wiccan “Wheel of the Year.” At each of these seasonal rituals the god and goddess are addressed in their aspects appropriate to the season, and they are embodied by the priest and priestess leading the rituals. For instance, on May Day the