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    • Wiccan Rituals and Seasonal Festivals

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      Wiccan New Year – Oct. 31st-Nov.1st - the end of the old year, first turning towards winter -the day that the veil between worlds is thinnest – communication with the dead possible here - Feast of the Dead, rituals of remembrance - God as Hunter’s influence grows; Goddess as Crone. - Bonfires, New Year’s resolutions, contemplation

    • Satanic Rituals Spells

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      Winter Solstice and the Yule season, the shortest day of the year. December 25th is the birth date of the Persian God Mithra, and the Roman Holiday of Saturnalias. The tree, the decorations, baking, gifts and celebrating have NOTHING to do with the nazarene. These are carry-overs from original Pagan celebrations.

    • Wicca

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      Wiccan History ----Gardner • Modern Wicca entered the public eye in 1954 when Gerald Gardner published a book titled High Magic’s Aid – Gardner claimed much of the information he gained from a Wiccan coven that he joined in 1939 and this coven descended from old Wicca. – Wicca originally began with the Celtic culture.


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      Rituals: • The Initiation involves the rebirth of a person as a Wiccan; a new name is adopted. • A Wiccaning welcomes a baby into the craft of Wicca; however, it does not obligate the child. • A Funeral Ceremony is a requiem for a Wiccan who has died, and the coven will act as godparents for any of the Wiccan’s children.

    • WICCAN GUIDE YULE htpost.com

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      "Today is winter solstice, we celebrate the birth of the sun, the divine child of the Goddess. This is the longest night, a time of dreams. A time to bring forth a dream, that can help us in the coming year." 9.Over the bowl of water, say: "Sacred water, you pass the womb of the mother, into the rain and river and back.

    • Witchcraft / Wicca Profile

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      (winter solstice).24 Evil: Wiccan groups do not accept the existence of evil. They explain, “Wicca can be defined as a pagan mystery religion with a polarized deity and no personification of evil.” In the Principles of Wiccan Beliefs is stated, “We do not accept the concept of


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      Ten Tips for New on Rituals That Get Results 2 Simone Butler www.astroalchemy.com. Adding Astro Feng Shui to the mix. New Moon rituals are especially powerful when performed in the gua, or sector, of your home that

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      Samhain is the New Year for most Wiccan traditions. Wiccan spirituality draws on ancient roots as it adapts to living in a modern age. Today the religion combines old ways with new. Many practitioners create new chants, meditations, and rituals, and share them through publications, correspondence, and contact at multi-tradition festivals.

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