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    • A Little Bit About Choosing a Wiccan Tradition Finding a ...

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      Wiccan Traditions And Covens First, let’s get our terms straight. When we talk about Wiccan Traditions with a capital T, we’re talking about denominations of the religion of Wicca. When we talk about small-t traditions, we mean “customs” or “habits.” There are covens in every Tradition, for a coven is a Wiccan …

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    • A Practical Guide to Witchcraft and Magic Spells By ...

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      A Practical Guide to Witchcraft and Magic Spells By Cassandra Eason Contents: Book Cover (Front) Scan / Edit Notes Introduction - The Power of White Witchcraft 1 - The Origins and Practice of Witchcraft 2 - Creating Spells and Rituals 3 - Beginning Magick 4 - Gods and Goddesses 5 - Candles, Colours and the Zodiac 6 - Herbs in Magick

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    • Ally Holterman March 9, 2017 st-Century Magic: Wicca in ...

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      The ritual where I met Ring was hosted by the Center of the Elemental Spirit, also known as Congregational Wicca, a public group founded by local Chicagoan Marty Couch in 2009. The group meets every other Sunday for an hour-long discussion on a chosen Wiccan topic, followed by a group ritual.



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      1 CLEANSING Rowan Moonstone 05-28-89 When I cleanse a dwelling place, first I burn a good cleansing incense, like frankincense or sandalwood in the home while I prepare


    • Book of Shadows - Black Witch Coven

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      Ritual Sit skyclad or loosely clothed. Light a white, black, orange or red candle and place so the reflection appears in a mirror or bowl of water. Meditate on the image, reflecting on and connecting with those who have passed on. Take a bite of bread and a sip of wine or cider, alternating until gone. Blow out the candle. Blessed Be.

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    • Coven Synergy

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      Coven Synergy is an Alexandrian coven of the Chthonioi/Symbios lineage, located in Malden, Massachusetts. Our work and worship focuses on the Greek pantheon and uses an adaptation of the British/ Celtic Alexandrian Book of Shadows. We are a gay- and lesbian- friendly coven that does not segregate ritual roles based on the sex of the participant.

    • Creating Circles and Ceremonies - Weebly

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      “Morning Glory is a charismatic ritual priestess ... Ritual. I. Zell-Ravenheart, Morning Glory. II. Title: Creating circles and ceremonies. III. Title. BF1623.R6Z45 2006 299’94—dc22 2006014337. Creating Circles & Ceremonies Rituals for All Seasons & Reasons ... Child King, atop the Yule …


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      It's softer than Yule or Samhain and is one of the few festivals for which we have a lot of surviving ... I am pleased to tell you all about our newly wiccan'd child of the Goddess. August 20th 2009, our seven year old Azrael was ... in the evening ritual and given to all participants as symbols of what we wanted to accomplish. –mkr). a ...

    • Pdf book Phoenix From the Flame: Living as a Pagan in the ...

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      Wrapped Jewelry or Suncatcher Ornament. The yule log s history, from pagan ritual to YouTube phenomenon . 30 Dec 2012 . This Phoenix destroys itself in flames and then rises from the ashes. Inverted pentagram (Baphomet), pagan deity known as the “Mendes Sabbatical Goat”. Albert Pike, in Magnum Opus, writes “… the Eagle was the

    • The Circle of the Sacred Grove Bylaws

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      g. Bring a dish for Ritual Feast h. Seek a sponsor from the Third Degrees approved from the Leadership of the coven between Yule and Imbolc i. Remain an active probationary member. j. Probationary members are not allowed to attend a Wiccan event not approved by the Leadership of the Circle of the Sacred Grove during their neophyte year. C.

    • The Witch Tower - Wiccan Church of Minnesota

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      The Witch Tower WiCoM’s voice in Paganistan Blessed Samhain Official Newsletter of the Wiccan Church of Minnesota– Samhain 2015 #214 HELP WANTED! The Treasurer has reminded Administration that she will be resign-ing the position as of the end of this calendar year. WiCoM is there-

    • Wiccan Rituals and Seasonal Festivals

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      Wiccan Rituals and Seasonal Festivals . Rituals: Casting the Circle • The Sacred Space is the Circle • Casting the Circle is the first ritual step • Calling the four quarters • Raising energy • Opening the circle . Witch’s Tools Wand - symbol of air, thought, imagination, east ... Yule (Dec. 21) - …

    • Witchcraft Dictionary of Craft Terms

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      ALEXANDRIAN TRADITION: A Wiccan religious tradition which traces its linage to Alex Sanders of England, who died in 1988. Alex and Maxine Sanders were the founders; The Alexandrian tradition is an offshoot of Gardnerian Wicca, but also includes traces of Ceremonial Magick, Egyptian & Classical religions, Qabala, and the teachings of Aleister ...

    • mymission.lamission.edu

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      Wiccan, but that do celebrate a lot of the same holidays (such as the Druids), they do not refer to themselves as Wiccan or witches. (All Wiccans are pagan, but not all pagans are Wiccan). Many Wiccans (and pagans in general) feel called to this path, and find solace in nature.