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    • 2017/ 2018 Winter Newsletter - Part 1

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      Wiccans celebrate ‘High Beltaine’ by enacting a ritual union of the May Lord and Lady. Among the Wiccan sabbats, Beltane is a cross-quarter day; it is celebrated in the northern hemisphere on May 1 and in the southern hemisphere on November 1. Beltane follows Ostara and precedes Midsummer (see the Wheel of the Year).


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      What Tradition is going to be taught? Dragon Palm Circle is an eclectic Wiccan Coven. Before we go very far, we need to talk about what is an eclectic Wiccan. If you check with many people on the Internet you would get the impression that it is a Witch that can do anything, he or she wants as long as they follow the REDE. FALSE!!!

    • Creating Circles and Ceremonies - Weebly

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      “Morning Glory is a charismatic ritual priestess ... Ritual. I. Zell-Ravenheart, Morning Glory. II. Title: Creating circles and ceremonies. III. Title. BF1623.R6Z45 2006 299’94—dc22 2006014337. Creating Circles & Ceremonies Rituals for All Seasons & Reasons ... Child King, atop the Yule log. (Yeah, my child is a girl.

    • HE EORGIAN EWSLETTER - Georgian Wicca

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      circle. As the Travis AFB Wiccan Lay Leader for more than 10 years I was blessed to have experienced many flavors of wicca and paganism practices and rituals. Those who lead the rituals, were required to cobble together a ritual that would draw as many participants into it as possible. I firmly believe that our rituals are a

    • High Magick Lesson 6: Wiccan Magick

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      4. Wiccan magickal/ritual elements should be familiar with ceremonial magickians. Now, the first point is irrelevant, as it does not matter that a person created this religion in modern times. Many a good religion and magickal way has had the same origins, and to the practitioners of

    • The Circle of the Sacred Grove Bylaws

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      g. Bring a dish for Ritual Feast h. Seek a sponsor from the Third Degrees approved from the Leadership of the coven between Yule and Imbolc i. Remain an active probationary member. j. Probationary members are not allowed to attend a Wiccan event not approved by the Leadership of the Circle of the Sacred Grove during their neophyte year. D.

    • The Pagan Federation

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      THE PAGAN FEDERATION The Pagan Federation is an international organisation, which is run almost entirely by volunteers. It was founded in 1971 to provide information and counter misconceptions about Paganism. It helps and supports members of the Pagan community and campaigns on issues which affect Paganism. Its aims and objectives are:

    • WITCHCRAFT INCARNATE - Witchcraft Secrets - Home

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      WITCHCRAFT INCARNATE The History,Philosophy and Praxis of a Dark Order Group Hell is empty and all the devils are here. -William Shakespeare Arddhu were a witchcraft group who were in the public domain from 1998-2013.During the period some 400+ seekers entered their teaching course some of whom became members of a secretive group actively