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    • A Neighborhood That Cares

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      version of a progressive Winter Solstice Party. We've had this party through winter storms and, at least twice, power outages. A consistent theme has been the fun of reconnecting with neigh-bors, down the road and from far away. This year we began, on Dec. 21st, at the Carlson home at 3 pm. They set a fes-tive spread of appetizers,


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      …that Winter Solstice (December 21) is the shortest time of the year and called the “birth of light”—because every day after that grows slightly longer for the next six months. that December celebrations include Christmas, a Christian celebration of the birth of Jesus on Dec 25 ò Hannukah, an 8 day Jewish celebration


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      was a mid-winter sacrificial feast - a festival of lights marking the transition from the dark winter to spring and summer. Christmas was a time for celebrating the harvest, fertility, birth and death. In the 900s King Haakon I decided that the heathen custom of drinking Jul (Yule) was to be moved to December 25th, in honour of the birth of ...

    • Decem CHRISTMAS EVE SERVICES at The Unitarian Society of ...

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      “A Solstice Celebration” This morning is all about the Winter Solstice! Once more the earth is turning toward the sun; once more the light is increasing. Join us for a chance to reflect on this moment, when the balance shifts and the days begin to grow long. Rev. Julia Hamilton The Dream Team: Rev. Julia Hamilton, Ken Ryals,

    • December TERRACE 2018 ommunities.com

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      The Winter Solstice is not actually an entire day as most people think. It is a specific point in time when the December sun is directly above Tropic of Capricorn. Also the term solstice comes from the Latin Solstitium which translates to 'the Sun stands still' Because on this day the Sun stands still over Tropic of Capricorn and then reverses its

    • Desserts and Spirits Vertical 8.2

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      greenhat fall/winter 14 gunpowder irish gin 12 hendricks 13 hendricks midsummer solstice 12 monkey 47 19 plymouth 12 sipsmith 12 sipsmith VJOP 14 suntory roku 12 AMERICAN RYE basil hayden ‘two by two’ rye 14 green hat rye 17 kentucky owl 11 year 42 knob creek rye 11 mastersons 10yr 14

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      Winter Solstice – caramelized pomegranate, orange, apple & cinnamon Egyptian Chamomile - flower heads of finest chamomile Lucky Lemon – lemongrass, lemon peel, apple, ginger and licorice root Orange Creamsicle – SAR, curls of orange rind & dried yogurt pieces Chocolate Mint – SAR, cinnamon, cocoa, aniseed and peppermint


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      then€begins€to€decrease€as€the€days€progress,€culminating€finally€with€Jesus€birth€in€the€midst€of€winter€–€just€ after€the€shortest€day€of€the€year,€the€winter€solstice€(December€21st).€Even€the€cycles€of€the€sun€have€been€

    • calendar 2018 of events

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      salad, desserts, and drinks at reasonable prices. In addition to the eat-in ... A celebration of Winter Solstice, featuring an exciting surprise lineup to be ...

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      WINTER side 9 Spinach, candied ginger, red onion and roasted fennel tossed in a white entrée 14 balsamic vinaigrette. Topped with orange slices and maple-Sriracha almonds. (Soy and gluten free) WARM BRIE AND POMEGRANATE entrée 14 Arugula and caramelized seasonal squash tossed in a fig-balsamic vinaigrette.