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  • winter supplies checklist


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      someone who lives in an area where winter dominates the landscape for 9 months of the year. Likewise, if you’re single, your checklist will differ from a family of 4 with young children. Elderly or disabled folks also have special circumstances that must be accounted for too. And

    • Before Winter Checklist

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      Before Winter Checklist Area Inspected Location(s) Checked by Personnel Status (Check one) EQUIPMENT Yes No Date Accept. Needs Attn. Boilers Completely drain idle equipment. Flush with proper antifreeze solution. Clear lines with compressed air. Remove slow points and dead ends where possible. Install steam traps on piping/equipment with drain ...

    • Cold Weather Checklist - American International Group

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      Cold Weather Checklist . This checklist should be tailored to processes/operations; freeze protection; snow removal equipment; and winter freeze, ice and snow potentials at each specific plant. The time required to complete each item should be determined in advance to allow proper planning. Action To Take Before The Cold Weather Season

    • EMERGENCY GO BAG Checklist

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      use: spring, summer, fall and winter Update your EMERGENCY GO BAGevery six months. Replace items that will expire in the upcoming months such as food and medical supplies. Whistle and pepper spray Extra house and car keys Paper, pens, and tape for leaving messages Family communication plan that includes emergency phone numbers


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      FIELD GEOLOGY EQUIPMENT CHECKLIST. ... Plastic box/organizer for drafting supplies ... Warm winter coat Warm gloves or mittens

    • Facilities Winter Preparedness Checklist - BC Forest Safe

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      Heat trace and insulate exposed piping sections that must remain in service over the winter. Piping that need not remain in service (i.e., hose bibs) should be drained and winterized. Provide proper heat (at least 4oC) and insulation for valve houses, water tanks, pump houses, etc.


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      Page 1 of 8 SAMPLE HOTEL / MOTEL HURRICANE PLAN • Our Hotel/Motel is in evacuation level • Our Hotel/Motel is / is not located in an area subject to evacuation for a hurricane.

    • Safety Audit Resource Guide - A&I online

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      Safety Audit Resource Guide ... Being used to transport either agricultural products or farm machinery and/or supplies to or from a ... propane, winter. heating fuel.

    • Winter Home Maintenance Tips

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      Winter Home Maintenance Tips The following are five key home maintenance categories to focus on for this winter. Your Heating System: Before Winter: Have your furnace or boiler checked and serviced by a licensed contractor at least once a year, preferably before the heating season begins. Clean or replace the furnace filter on forced hot air ...

    • Year 1 Materials and Supplies Checklist .ca

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      and supplies will be purchased in Year 1 will be used throughout the 3 year program, such as a camera and basic drawing supplies. It is suggested that you buy your books at the beginning of each semester, check with instructors because textbooks may change and new editions may be adopted. For semesters 1 and

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