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  • winter supplies checklist

    • Winter emergency car kit

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      Nov 28, 2017 · for a complete winter emergency car kit checklist and safe driving tips. massDOT Hi hwa Division H USO, WINTER EMERGENCY CAR KIT 70% of winter deaths related to snow and ice occur in cars, Assemble an emergency car kit to stay safe during the winter season. Jumper Cables Windshield Scraper Non-perishable Food

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    • Packing For College Checklist - Northern Kentucky University

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      Shaving Supplies Shampoo & conditioner Shower caddy Shower flip flops Soap Tissues ... This checklist can help you get it all together. There’s no need to have or pack everything on the list. Let ... (summer & winter) Jackets (light, rain, winter) Jeans Jewelry & watch Pajamas Purse Robe Shirts

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      WINTER SAFETY CHECKLIST — FAMILIES AND CHILDREN. PETS AND ANIMALS Provide a shelter. Create a place where your animals can be comfortable in severe winter weather. Make sure any outbuilding that houses or shelters animals can withstand wind, heavy snow and

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    • Ultimate Cruise Packing List

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      Ultimate Cruise Packing List Packing for your cruise vacation can be a challenge. The only thing we can think of that you might ... • Razor and shaving cream (or electric razor and supplies) _____ Leaving Home Checklist To ensure peace of mind while you are away, why not run over this last-minute checklist of things to do before ...

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      ¨ Light Jacket and Winter Coat ¨ Umbrella/Rain Gear ¨ Hangers ¨ RoomToiletries ¨ Shower Caddy/Shoes (St. Martin’s Memorial, Turner, and St. Scholastica Halls only) ¨ Bath Robe ¨ Medication ¨ Mini First Aid Kit ¨ Sunscreen ¨ Water Bottle ¨ Wallet School Supplies ¨ Computer ¨ Computer Power Cord ¨ Ethernet Cord ¨ Headphones ...

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    • iNDiviDual caMPout checkliSt for Pack overNighter

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      Camping Equipment Tent or tarp, poles, and stakes Waterproof ground cloth or plastic sheet Sleeping bag, pillow, air mattress or pad

    • UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER Packing Checklist

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      Winter gear, boots Bug spray Sunscreen Important documents: Passport Social Security card Driver’s License Health Insurance information Bank information Checkbook Personal safe or lockbox for valuable items We can’t wait to see you in August! UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER PACKING CHECKLIST …

    • Building/Property Checklist

      11. Do you maintain a good stock of winter supplies for vehicles, like antifreeze, sidewalk salt, gloves, and snow removal equipment? 12. Do you maintain an up-to-date list of emergency phone numbers for needs like snow removal, service and repair contractors, utility companies, the local weather bureau, etc.? Cold Weather Maintenance


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      EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS CHECKLIST RECOMMENDED TOOL FOR EFFECTIVE STATE AGENCY PLANNING Not Started In Progress Completed Task Description above ground floor if facility is in a flood zone) o. The amounts and types of food available and in supply

    • Texans with Disabilities Preparedness for Cold Weather

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      o Winter storm warning: take action; the storm is in or entering the area. o Blizzard warning: seek refuge immediately! Snow and strong winds, near-zero visibility, deep snow drifts, and life-threatening wind chill. Food and Safety Checklist . Have a week’s worth of food and safety supplies. If you live far from other people, have more ...


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      Residence Hall Checklist ... PERSONAL SUPPLIES Toiletry products Toilet paper Kleenex Medications CLOTHING/WARDROBE Raincoat Winter apparel Business/Dress clothing Shower shoes. ROOM SUPPLIES Laundry detergent/Dryer Sheets Trash can (3-5 gal.) with bags Cleaning supplies …

    • THE ULTIMATE Packing List

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      Deodorant Shaving supplies First-aid ointment Shampoo/conditioner Makeup Insect repellant Brush/comb Makeup remover Medications Hairstyling appliances Feminine-hygeine products Pain relievers Face cleanser Birth control Vitamins Cell phone Voltage adaptor Emergency contacts Laptop/tablet Film/memory card Credit-card/bank contacts

    • Texans with Disabilities Preparedness for Cold Weather

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      Winter Weather Checklists Stock up on emergency supplies for communication, food, safety, heating, and transportation in case a storm hits. Communication Checklist Make sure you have at least one of the following in case there is a power failure: o Battery-powered or hand-cranked radio (for listening to local emergency instructions).

    • Basic Disaster Supplies Kit Checklist

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      Basic Disaster Supplies Kit Checklist Disasters happen anytime anywhere. When disaster does strike you may not have much time to respond so it is important to prepare prior to an event. Be aware of the hazards in your community and how to react if ... winter storm could confine your family at home. An earthquake, flood, wildfire could cut off ...

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