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    • #99 Unscramble: A Word Game - No Starch Press

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      #99 Unscramble: A Word Game If you’ve seen the Jumble game in your newspaper or played word games at all, you’re familiar with the basic concept of this game: A word is picked at random and then scrambled. Your task is to figure out and guess what the original word is in the minimum number of turns.


    • BUNDLE Worksheets and Activities - Pre-Primer

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      This book contains a collection of pre-primer sight word worksheets intended to be used with children in Preschool, Kindergarten (Prep) and Grade 1 as assessment or revision tool. Directions for use: The worksheets in this unit have children completing 2 tasks. First, they are asked to trace the sight word in focus on two writing lines.

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    • Christmas Word Scramble

      Unscramble the letters to find words which have to do with Christmas. ... Christmas Word Scramble Solutions Scrooge Star Rudolph Packages Manger Mistletoe Stocking Wreath Snowman Ornaments Caroling Chestnuts Santa Shepherd Angel Nativity Saviour Sleigh Jesus Christmas C 2012 www.flandersfamily.info.

    • Harry Potter Word Scramble

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      Harry Potter Word Scramble ‐ Answers Unscramble the letters to find Harry Potter faces and places! 1. Dobby 2. Hedwig 3. House Elves 4. Azkaban Prison 5. Dementors 6. Nearly Headless Nick 7. Basilisk 8. Moaning Myrtle 9. Scabbers 10. Sirius Black 11. Hogsmeade 12. Diagon Alley 13. Phoenix 14.


    • North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University ...

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      North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University UN-JUMBLE Word Game INSTRUCTIONS: Unscramble the 10 words by inserting a letter into each cell. Then use the letters in the shaded cells to form three words to complete the phrase below.


    • Nutrition – Scrambled Words II

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      Nutrition – Scrambled Words II (Answer Key) Name Date Unscramble the letters to correctly spell out a word. 4. rcaeoil calorie 5. avntmii vitamin 6. engrvsi serving 7. ttninlirumoa malnutrition 8. eitptepa appetite 9. vluetoiana evaluation 10. eilfbe belief 11. etalyhh healthy 12. dotigsnie digestion 13. leam meal 1.

    • STEP 1: Unscramble these words! ADFLROI L A

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      STEP 1: Unscramble these words! STEP 2: Copy the letters in the circles above and see where we’re going... L A G C T A D C E R C s. Title: Surprise! We're Going to Disney Word Scramble Printable Subject: Surprise your kids with a Disney trip with this Surprise! We're Going to Disney Word …

    • Turkey Word Scramble

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      Turkey Word Scramble Unscramble these Thanksgiving-related words as fast as you can! The first one to finish is the winner! 1) fugtsinf 2) hamsed soeptoat 3) yrvag 4) mutnau 5) belgbo 6) vrlseotef 7) lmfyai 8) yrrnarebc aceus 9) slrol 10) ltuhfakn 11) spmiilrg 12) sinnadi 13) rmeawyo˜ 14) nppiukm epi 15) ncro

    • U.S. States & Capitals Word Scramble Puzzles

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      Word Puzzles! U.S. States & Capitals Word Scramble Puzzles Learning your U.S. States & Capitals just got easier! Inside this product, you will find: *30 State Word Scramble Puzzles & their keys *30 Capital Word Scramble Puzzles & their keys _____ Be sure to check out our other Word Puzzles!


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      UNSCRAMBLE: There are many things that are often put in babies sleep areas that they don’t need when they sleep. Unscramble the words below to find out what to keep out of a baby’s sleep area 1. LTNBALKS _____ 2. TFSO OSYT _____ 3.

    • ValentiNe Word Scramble - Hallmark Ideas & Inspiration

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      ValentiNe Word Scramble Rearrange the letters on the left to form some sweet words on the right. 1. DCUIP 2. SHGU 3. RAREBUFY 4. TEENALIVN 5. SIKESS 6. ATCHLECOO 7. EVLo 8. STEERTHAWE 9. ERD 10. ELAC 11. STINA 12. STARHE 13. SLIDEOI 14. NIPK 15. WRAoR 16. SEROS 17. CRONAME 18. DYnac Arthes 19. PAYPH

    • unscramble the sentences

      students a scrambled word exercise. I developed this game for my young 11 – 13 year old learners. It is an activity that can be used for any young level however. It is also one they go on to actively develop themselves, so it is a good task-based learning exercise for them and one that can be used for any item of grammar you want to give them.

    • word games - American English

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      word games. V. ocabulary can be reinforced by using a variety of game formats. Focus may . be placed upon word building, spelling, meaning, sound/symbol correspon­ dences, and words inferred from sentence context. Teaching Techniques. The full communicative potential of these games can be . realized through good spirited team competition.