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      The Grocery List Word Game The CIA agent was a very private man. He even wrote his grocery list in code. Below is the secret grocery list written in homophones’. A homophone is a word that sounds the same as another word that has a different meaning. Some examples are: eye and I – ant and aunt.

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      Cut out the word cards. Shuffle. Divide cards in two piles. Each person with a pile of cards reads his/her cards one at a time. The second person responds with the first word that comes to mind. No thinking allowed. Say what first comes to mind. Do this as fast as you can going through all the words in the pile.


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      word. Write a random word on the board and have the students call out questions to elicit the word. Remind the students that they can only ask questions. They cannot mime, give synonyms, etc. Play the game a few times, changing the word each time so the students practice using different question words, e.g. …

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      video games word search resident evil addictive map call of duty titanfall gaming pc the last of us alien isolation ... grand theft auto minecraft game over xbox destiny life controller play station dlc far cry halo dragon age ranking level assassins creed battlefield

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      word games. V. ocabulary can be reinforced by using a variety of game formats. Focus may . be placed upon word building, spelling, meaning, sound/symbol correspon­ dences, and words inferred from sentence context. Teaching Techniques. The full communicative potential of these games can be . realized through good spirited team competition.

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      and word games, and there are no reading levels. Teachers’ Guide There is a Teachers’ Guide on this website. The guide has ideas on how to use the e-books with students. Learners can do the puzzles and word games individually, in pairs, or in groups. Acknowledgements Credits The author gratefully acknowledges the financial

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      Making an Interactive Test in Word Open Word and select a blank document. Click View in the menu bar and drag down to Toolbars.Slide over and down to Forms.You should now see the Forms toolbar on your screen. Drag it to a convenient location on your screen.

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      Games and Word Activities Games and word activities give children another way to integrate their learning and work on their literacy skills. They provide different and enjoyable contexts in which children can apply what they are learning. The following is a sampling of fun ways for tutors to support and supplement their tutees' classroom ...

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      Word Bricks. activity with a grammar lesson focusing on these structures and can remind stu-dents of these structures before beginning a game. However, Word Bricks. games do not only focus on building complete, well-formed sentences in English. Several of the games described in this chapter are well-suited to more general practice with words in ...

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      PREFIX ROOT WORD SUFFIX IN – Not CRED – Believe IBLE – Possible to IN – Not CRED – Believe ULOUS – Tending to SUB – Under TERR – Earth ANEAN – Relating to